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The Debate Over an Egg Donor Registry

Is the quest for an egg donor registry emotional? Or a matter of scientific/medical ethics?

5 Things Adults Unlearn

Five things I’ve seen young children totally understand about disability that unfortunately, most adults struggle with.

Why Aren’t People With Disabilities Talking About This?

Why do people with disabilities have to keep justifying their existence?

Growing Up With a Disabled Mother Made Me a (Better) Person

Do you assume having a disability is a burden on family and friends? Think again.

Dinosaurs are Extinct, but Normalization is Alive and Well

Have you ever questioned why the t-rex's arms are so small? This question teaches us more about humans than dinosaurs...

Designer Genes

Rejecting sperm and egg providers because of ADHD and Dyslexia? Cultural myths abound surrounding "disability" and genetics.

Sex Selection Game-Changer? New Fetal Gene Test Reveals Sex at 7 Weeks

New non-invasive prenatal testing will enable parents to know a fetus's sex, Down's status, and possibly other traits dramatically earlier in a pregnancy.

Sperm Donor Siblings: Family Trees, Invisible Roots

Your 149 half siblings that you were never supposed to know about.

Instant DNA Fingerprinting with the Push of a Button

A new rapid DNA analyzer is being tested for use by the Department of Homeland Security.

UK Court: Forcibly Sterilizing a Woman with "Learning Disabilities"

A British special court delayed its ruling on whether or not a woman with “significant learning disabilities” should be forcibly sterilized.

India Moves Toward Regulation of Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy

The Indian Ministry of Health has finalized its 2010 ART Regulation bill, which if approved will have enormous implications for global ART and surrogacy.

Fertility’s Mega-Mall

The "Fertility Show" in London literally displays how the ART industry is commidfying fertility.

The Futures That Don't Need Us

Two similar recent publications echo Bill Joy's "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us."

An Inborn Talent Genetic Test? Unlikely

This test captures much of what is wrong in direct-to-consumer genetic testing: preying upon our parental insecurities, exaggerating the simplicity and importance of genes, and offering what is likely a sham product.

Kidney Donations, Payments, and the Poor

Like most other countries, the US does not allow people to sell their kidneys to make ends meet. There are also international laws and norms that prohibit commercial markets in human organs...

The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics

Where is the controversial direct-to-consumer genetics industry heading?

This Holiday Season's Genetic and Reproductive Gifts

This year, genes and reproduction are the focus of holiday gifts.

Genetic Tests for Romantic Compatibility?

Will direct-to-consumer genetic testing reshape the quest for romantic compatibility? Unlikely, although at least two companies are giving it an effort. For only $99, the Swiss company GenePartner offers a test for what it describes as compatibility between potential partners.

My Sister’s Keeper and Genetic Selection

What a movie can teach us about families and technology.

A Gene for This, a Gene for That

Relationships between genes and behavior are extremely complex. Although most scientists who work in the field of 'behavioral genomics' are cautious in their claims, too often journalists are not. In fact, simplification and exaggeration are the rule, not the exception. Here are some recent examples.

Trickle-down Genomics

The public profile of direct-to-consumer genetic tests is growing rapidly, with the field forecast to become a billion-dollar business within three years.