Are You Ready to Change?

We're always changing. We want to stop bad habits and start new ones. We want to move our life in a new direction, but the prospect of doing so is daunting. So let's stop forcing ourselves and others to change and deal with where we are at the moment.

Mindfulness and Relationships: Never React the Same Way

We can choose to react to situations and get pissed off, or we can choose to respond thoughtfully.

Let's Talk about Our Failures

Growing up we learn all the important subjects: Math, English, History, and Science. But at what point do we learn how to handle failure, betrayal, sadness? We need to start creating a language to make it ok to talk about the hardships in our lives because we all experience it, yet few talk about it.

How Happiness Happens From the Inside-Out

The truth is that all those external things we think will impact our long term happiness are facades and that happiness works much more from the inside out. When we're happy, we see things more positively and go out into the world with a better attitude. And that better attitude will yield results you couldn't even have imagined.

Learning to Tolerate Life's Uncertainty

In our search to find the answers to life's big questions, to fix ourselves, to understand what is happening in the world, we lose sight of the reason we want to know. Time passes, motivations change, and answers change, but the fundamental question will always remain the same: How do I do better?

Reasons Why Your Teen Is Drinking

There are a plethora of factors related to why teens use substances, genetics, family environment, friends, and perhaps, boredom. Let's continue the conversation on preventing adolescent substance use problems.

Why Just Having Goals Isn't Enough

In today's self-help world, we've become so focused on having effective goals and coming to terms with WHAT we have to do. But in the process, we've lost sight of WHY we're doing it. This article helps provide a context to the day-to-day grind.

The Psychology of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has been tossed around self-help circles for years, but little has been made of what it means in the context of research and what the science behind forgiveness can teach us about our own lives.

The Truth Will Set You Free

It's been said that the truth will set you free, but what does it mean to be truthful? Are you honest with yourself? We so easily deny our experiences and say things are "OK" but we really don't know what it means to be "OK."

Robin Williams Teaches Us About Mental Illness

Robin Williams' death can teach us a lot about mental illness, addiction, and depression. Him dealing with substance use and depression reminds us that we all can be vulnerable to our past behaviors and old habits.

Why You May Never Be Truly Satisfied, and Why That's Okay

We jump from thing to thing always striving for something better. But life is made up of smaller and bigger goals that are part of a larger journey.The question then is how do you stay content where you are while you aim for something else?

Preventing a Drug Overdose

Although the best form of overdose prevention is abstinence, not everyone is ready. So what are the tools necessary to prevent an accidental overdose among those who are not ready to completely quit?

Creating Change in Our Lives

If we think of the process of change as the flight plan of our journey, then we are the captain of the plane. We decide how and when to change. It may not always be a smooth flight, but if we can be patient, we will get through the flight.

The Family History of Addiction

Regardless of whether you have a family history of addiction or not, you still have a circle of influence–and that influence starts with you, individually, and your choices. Begin to think about what choices you can make that move you forward towards the life you want.

Changing Our View on Addiction

We often wonder about the problem of addiction, but what if the addiction was the solution and we need new tools to solve the problem? Let's begin to shift the paradigm of addiction and pause before we judge.