The Crime and Law Quiz Once Again

Think you know about cops and crooks? Take this crime quiz and find out.

The Crime and Law Quiz Revisited

Discover your crime, crooks, and law IQ with this quick quiz.

Six Questions You Need to Ask Yourself at Work

Are you approaching burnout in your job? Answer these six questions to find out.

What James Bond Teaches Us About Life

What can we learn about toughness from James Bond? Use these five tools for more mental and physical stamina.

Attention Extroverts! Leave Me Alone!

Being an Introvert in an Extrovert's world can be exhausting. Some rules between the two can help.

The “Trump Effect” in the Workplace

There are so many excuses for stupid or harassing behavior in the office.

Idea Killers and Conversation Murderers

The "Yes, But" problem interferes with good communications.

Everything Ends Up as Pornography

Internet access to pornography is negatively reshaping dating relationships Millennials have with each other.

All Motivation is Self-Motivation

Stop whining and start doing, today.

Reading Dangerous Faces

Children of alcoholics have had to become good face readers.

The 11 People We Love to Hate at Work

Challenging personality types like psychos, idea killers, and smart slackers can make for a long day on the job.

Love Your Work, Hate Your Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and piercings in the workplace are causing dividing lines between freedom of expression and company policies.

Burned out at Your Job?

Job burnout is part your responsibility and part your boss's responsibility.

Why Toxic People Drive You Mad

Toxic people at work and in your personal life can bring you down as they stress you out.

The Truth Behind the Run-Hide-Fight Debate

In the rare but catastrophic event of an active shooter at your workplace, should you follow the national protocol of Run-Hide-Fight?

Office Gossip Ruins Relationships

Office gossip hurts people in ways we don't always see.

The High-Functioning Executive Jackass

The Executive Jackass is no fun to work with or for and creates challenges.

Twenty Ways to Catch Employees Who Lie at Work

Employees lie for all kinds of reasons. Here are the tips HR professionals use to catch them.

The Noise Factor in Workplace Conflict

Noise in your office may be affecting your productivity, performance, and stress. By giving your co-workers careful feedback, you can make a quieter workspace.

The Best Boss and the Worst Boss You Ever Worked For?

We've all worked for great bosses and horrible bosses. Each has influenced you positively and negatively. Make a list of each of their character traits and compare them to your preferred style.

Mean Girls in the Office

Women in the workplace can face a common enemy: each other. How they treat each other at work can go a long way toward helping or hurting their morale, performance, and desire to stay or quit. Every women who has worked in an office can tell stories about at least one of her colleagues who was a Mean Girl.

The Opiate Addict in Your Office

Is one of your co-workers addicted to heroin or pain pills?

Why Don't Employees Use EAP Services?

Why don't more employees use Employee Assistance Program services?

The Joys and Pains of Workplace Dating

Office romances can be both fun and problematic.

Sexual Bantering in the Office

Sexual bantering in the office can lead to boundary problems.

Are You Heading into a Domestic Violence Relationship?

Read the early-warning signs to avoid stalking or physical abuse.

Five Ways to Keep Your Child Safe From School Shootings

More school shootings means the need for a family safety discussion.

Want Less Stress? Try More B.R.E.A.D.S.

Stress management is all about Breathing, Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude, Diet, Sleep.

Ladies and Their Guns

More women are owning guns for self-protection.

Child Predators at Our Schools and Churches

Child predators use schools and churches as their gateway to kids they target.