Advocacy or Privacy?

Is it oversharing to talk about your child's mental illness? What if your child has cancer?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If we bring back the asylums, how do we make sure that our loved ones with mental illness remain part of our lives?

Privilege and Brain Differences

As a mother of a child who has brain differences, I struggle with tough questions about privilege. Why do some mothers think their children's brain differences are "better" than my son's? What if my child wanted to wear a racially offensive costume for Halloween? Does telling people to "check their privilege" end opportunities for important but difficult conversations?

The Price of Talking

During mental health awareness week, as we all try to #SayItForward and #BustTheStigma, I am keenly and personally aware of the toll that stigma can take on families. I know why people are afraid to share their stories.

The Existential Agony of Parenting

Even the most simple moments can seem fraught with danger when your child has mental illness.