Gangs: Protecting Today’s Youth - Part Two

Many youth who join gangs are looking for a family because they are lacking one at home. A gang is not a family, nor will it ever replace one. A little acceptance, love, compassion, and support can go a long way in deterring youth gang involvement.

Gangs: Protecting Today’s Youth - Part One

Gangs are a problem plaguing our nation. While trends show a steady decrease from the past, gangs are still prevalent in many communities throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, many gangs lure susceptible youth into their ranks leading them down a path of criminal activity, drugs and ultimately destruction.

Understanding Teen Anxiety

Anxiety can leave vulnerable teens feeling and believing that they are destined to live a life of gloom and doom. Can you imagine living your life like that day in and day out? Many anxious youth do...

Teen Sexting

Once sexual photos are released online, they can be easily be shared or leaked. Many teens may buy into the facade that their online activity is private, but no matter how hard they try to convince themselves, in truth, there is no such thing as "online privacy".

Top Five Angry Cartoon Characters

Meet some of the hottest tempered animated characters on television. Each one of these characters has a unique and distinct way of reacting to anger. Some are volatile and others just simply pitch a fit of rage. Regardless of their anger style they all have one thing in common: they could all use some anger management skills.

2015 Awareness Calendar

Happy New Year! The year 2015 is marked with many special days, weeks, and months dedicated and devoted to raising awareness about important emotional, physical and psychological health issues. Mark your 2015 calendar with these special dates. It takes one person to make a difference—just think of what thousands can do.

Home for the Holidays: The Big Visit

Exams are over and hundreds of thousands of students are heading home for the holidays! Yes, sleep deprived, hungry, laundry-bearing college students are on their way home to enjoy a nice long winter break. Most of them are looking forward to catching up with friends, ransacking the kitchen, and the best part of all… doing nothing for the next few weeks.

Healthy Teens

Approximately 1/3 of U.S. youth are overweight or obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) childhood obesity has doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents over the past 30 years! There is good news: with the proper nutrition and exercise, teens can help reverse the negative effects of unhealthy habits.

Coping With the Holiday Blues

With the holiday season in full swing, many people are spreading good cheer and off to find that perfect gift. Too often we associate the holidays with being magical, childlike, “merry and bright”, but that is simply not the case for many youth.

Top 10 Stress Busters for Teens

Today’s youth pack a lot into their busy schedule. Is it any wonder why approximately 10% of the adolescent population have an anxiety disorder? Stress can play a toll on a teens mental and physical health. And with semester coming to an end, tis the season of studying, projects, and exams. All of those things combined lead to more stress!

What’s the Purpose of Homework?

Remember the days of sitting in class waiting eagerly for the bell to ring before the teacher said that dreaded word…“homework”? Sighs, rolling eyes and grunts quickly filled the quiet classroom at the mention of “that” word.

Going to the Root of the Problem

We often displace our true emotions, like hurt, and conceal them with anger. So, anger’s not the true culprit, although it’s the one that manifests itself most often. If we get so absorbed in dealing with anger we miss the big picture… We avoid going to the root of the problem.

Helping a Friend Who is Talking About Suicide

Having a friend who is contemplating suicide can be very scary. Your friend may try to swear you to secrecy, but don't make that promise.

Goodbye Summer 2014

As the summer of 2014 is coming to a close, most teens are back into the swing of classes, clubs, athletics, and various extra-curricular events. Many teens are excited to be back in their old routine. Returning to school is a time they get to see their friends, make new ones, and plunge into another great year. To others, the school year is not met with much excitement.

Synthetic Weed and Teens

Throughout the U.S. shiny aluminum and colorful packages line the shelves of many convenience stores. To a normal shopper, these cute cartoon looking packages appear to be potpourri, but to a drug seeking teen they are something entirely different; they are packed full of synthetic marijuana. A dangerous substance that can be potentially fatal to the user.

Teens and Wax: A Potent Form of Marijuana

There is a new marijuana product on the market called Wax (it's also referred to as Butter and Honeycomb). Its name was derived from its resemblance to earwax because it has a yellowish color and a waxy texture. This gooey substance looks and feels like lip balm, so it's super easy for teens to conceal.

Sexting and the Middle School Years

Are you a parent who has purchased or are you thinking about purchasing an electronic device for your teen? If so, this blog is for you.

Back to School Anxiety

Sometimes the first day of school isn't all that it's cut out to be... Soon, if not already, doors will open and students will pour down the freshly waxed floors heading to their first class. While some students may eagerly anticipate this day, many see it as a day of doom and gloom.

The Impressionable Years

Who said raising an adolescent has to be difficult? It doesn't have to be; in fact the adolescent years can be some of the most impressionable years that you will ever have.

Women and Violence: Society's Double Standard

Is there a double standard in society concerning the ways in which men and women should handle their anger; more specifically violent behavior? If so, why? Is it because of the traditional stereotypes that still exist in main-stream society about how women and men ought and should behave?

Sizzling Anger

The summer months are turning up the heat, but don't let your anger rise with the temperatures. Anger and summer go hand and hand, but you don't have to let the outside thermometer have an effect on the internal one. Here are 8 simple tips to help you cool your rising temper this summer.

Finding Your Inner Peace

Anger is like a tornado that can and will destroy all things in its path, including its beholder. In fact, anger will only feed itself and leave irrational justification for behavior. Unfortunately, millions of people struggle with destructive anger. But there is good news; people can change.

Teen Suicide: Yesterday’s News May Be Tomorrow’s Problem

According to new research, heightened newspaper coverage following a suicide may have a significant impact on teen suicide clusters.This new study leads to an interesting question... Is the media sensationalizing suicide when it covers stories? Maybe they are, but it may not be intentional.

The "Why" Behind Teen Suicide

Teen suicide shakes the very foundation of a community and leaves parents and family members numb as everyone asks an unanswerable question, "Why?" "Why” would a teen chose death over life? What makes their life so unbearable that they would rather die than face one more day? "Why" aren't we doing more to help?"

Education's Great Divide: Girls Outperforming Boys

Why are girls doing better than boys in the classroom? According to a recent study social and cultural factors may hold the answer to understanding the divide between girls and boys academic performance.

The Graduation Journey

It all begins with a of self-discovery, challenges and successes...Thousands of teens prepare to walk onto a stage, shake a hand and get that much-awaited certificate. That diploma marks thirteen-plus years of education. Congratulations, Class of 2014 for a well-deserved job. Your Elementary and Secondary education are complete, but what lies ahead?

Dealing with Exam Stress

Ahh, May…that time of year where students are dreaming about a much-awaited summer vacation and a much, much-needed break from school. While May is symbolic of closure in the academic world, it is also a time that can be marked with a lot of stress. Exams can cause a lot of undue stress and anxiety, making the lives of teens and those living with them miserable.

With Eyes Wide Open: American Teens’ Craze with Caffeine

As many teens across the nation prepare for their final exams, they are turning to a substance—a drug—to help them get through the long nights of studying. This drug, Caffeine, is widely accepted in the American culture and in fact many adults turn to it for many of the same reasons that teens do...

Healthy Sibling Relationships

Did you know those with positive sibling relationships report higher life satisfaction and lower rates of depression later in life? Read more to learn about why your sibling relationship is important.

Sibling Rivalry: What we can learn from the past.

Do you know about the infamous dispute between the Dassler brothers? It's a story of sibling rivalry, short sightedness, and the importance of relationships. You see, most of us don't know who the Dassler brothers were, but we know their legacy…Adidas and Puma.