5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

In retrospect, it's often easy to see why a relationship or marriage failed. But there are signs along the way that experts know and you should too...

How to Get Your Stuff Back After a Narcissist Steals It

The end of any relationship can be painful but recovering from one with someone high in narcissistic traits is especially trying. Some pointers on how to look past the devastation.

Healing From a Toxic Childhood? The Two Words You Need Most

The culture thinks that persisting is hard and requires grit, while quitting is easy. The truth may surprise you, especially when it comes to toxic relationships.

Tackling Self-Blame and Self-Criticism: 5 Strategies to Try

Do you believe that when things go wrong, someone has to take the fall, and that person should be you? Do you think people are capable of changing their reactions?

Five Things an Unloving Mother Never Does

Healing from childhood can be elusive unless we focus on both what happened in the home and what didn't.

Why Going No Contact With Mom Doesn't Solve Everything

Deciding to cut a parent out of your life is a huge decision, which can bring with it some unwanted baggage rather than the expected freedom and relief.

Unloved Daughters and Holiday Triggers: Seven Ways to Cope

All families have their squabbles and tensions, but when your family of origin is toxic and dysfunctional, the holidays are really hard. But you're not powerless.

Daughters of Unloving Mothers and the Pull of Fantasy

What helps you escape from an unhappy childhood — the power of your imagination — may get in the way of your recovery in adulthood.

6 Things Daughters of Unloving Parents Need to Unlearn

Our culture tells us to stop whining about childhood and to "move on." But we'll keep repeating the patterns of the past if we can't see them.

How Narcissistic Parents Scapegoat Their Children

While it seems counterintuitive, scapegoating makes a mother believe that her dysfunctional family is actually healthy and stable, and bullying tends to solidify bonding.

Is Your Mother Narcissistic or Controlling?

It's true that children whose emotional needs weren't met by their mothers share common ground, but there are still important differences that affect individual development.

Five Reasons You Have to Stop Excusing Verbal Abuse

It took widely publicized teen suicides to open our eyes to the fact that bullying wasn't a normal passage in childhood. When will the culture do the same for verbal abuse?

When Your Boss Is a Bully or Worse: What Can You Do?

Our working lives take up a lot of time and, sometimes, emotional space. What to do when your work is wrecking your state of mind?

The Psychology of Revenge (and Vengeful People)

Is revenge really sweet? And what makes people vengeful? Does playing tit for tat make you feel better? Or not? The science of revenge.

Why Unloved Daughters Struggle to Escape Shame

Shame plays many roles in an unloved daughter's life, especially on the road to recovery when the cultural notion of filial obligation becomes yet another obstacle.

The Trophy Child

One of the most cherished myths about motherhood is that mothers love each child equally. Research comes up with a very different answer. A close look at why favoritism matters.

Unloved Daughters and the One Question You Must Stop Asking

It's the question that every daughter of an unloving mother wants answered but it's really a blind alley.

The Psychology of Watching April the Giraffe

What has so many people totally obsessed with a pregnant giraffe? Why can't they look away from April?

Daughters of Unloving Mothers: Mourning the Mom You Deserved

Recovering from a pain-filled and difficult childhood is a long journey for most but there's one step that's often overlooked or ignored: Grieving for the mother you didn't have.

The Brutal Truth About 6 Types of "Quiet" Verbal Abuse

Most people associate verbal abuse with yelling and shouting and while that's sometimes true, it isn't always. Quiet abuse may actually do more damage.

6 Things You Need to Know About Empathy

What makes one person empathic and another not?

8 Strategies for Dealing With the Toxic People in Your Life

Are you in a relationship that actively makes you feel terrible about yourself? This primer will help you handle the toxic folks you encounter.

Should You Forgive Your Unloving Mother?

The ability to forgive is considered a sign of character and even strength. But is it always the right thing to do, especially when an unloving mother is involved?

The Enduring Pain of Childhood Verbal Abuse

Research confirms that childhood psychological abuse does lasting, significant damage.

The Crisis of the Ailing Toxic Mother: Caretake or Run?

Much has been written about the "Sandwich" generation-but the daughter of an unloving or abusive mother faces a different, more complicated choice without easy answers...

Is He or She an Addict First? Or a Narcissist First?

When someone you love is addicted, your first impulse may be to offer all the support and empathy you can. But is this always the right thing to do?

Should You Salvage Your Relationship With Mom?

The plight of the unloved daughter remains a societal secret, kept under wraps and rarely acknowledged. But many of us don't get our emotional needs met in childhood.

5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life After a Bad Divorce

There's no question that divorce can be a pivotal event in your life. Here's what to do to help yourself recover.

Why It's So Hard to See This Form of Childhood Abuse

Our culture is resistant to the idea that some mothers actively undermine their children. That resistance doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

The 6 Talks a Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage

You and your partner should tackle these six important topics before you tie the knot.