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When Words Are Weapons: 10 Responses Everyone Should Avoid

We often wrongly discount the effect of emotional abuse that's unaccompanied by the physical component. But words can and do hurt. What you need to realize so that your vocabulary doesn't become an arsenal.

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Does the world really need another Cinderella movie? Well, maybe it does. A look at what fairy tales teach us and our children.

Jealous Mothers and Their Daughters: The Last Dirty Secret?

Maternal envy, perhaps the biggest taboo of all, needs to be addressed and discussed, not just for the sake of daughters but for mothers as well.

Are You Too Clingy? Too Distant? Or Is Your Partner?

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Resilience

When we speak of someone being "resilient," we tend to think of it as a character strength. But what is resilience anyway, and what does it take to weather the setbacks in life? A look at the research reveals much...

A Mother's Love: Myths, Misconceptions, and Truths

Commonly held ideas about motherhood shape the dialogue we have culturally, get in the way of understanding parent-child conflict, and affect each of us individually by setting a high and sometimes impossible standard. Why it's time to banish some of the myths that animate the discussion and start a new conversation.

10 Issues That Can Drive You Apart, and How to Beat Them

How close and connected you feel to your partner changes over time and can, alas, both ebb and flow. What you can do to increase intimacy in your relationship, based on science.

7 Bad Ways To Quit If You Want A Fresh Start

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8 Types of Toxic Patterns in Mother-Daughter Relationships

The legacy of an unloving mother requires patience and stamina to overcome. But within the common themes, there are still important differences.

Is the Number One Relationship Killer Threatening You?

If there's one issue that's guaranteed to put stress fractures in your marriage,other than infidelity, it's your finances. Why fighting about money can sink your relationship, and what research suggests you need to do about it, if you are.

3 Things Being A Cat Person or Dog Person Reveals About You

Does knowing whether someone prefers cats to dogs or dogs to cats give you insight into who they are? Should you be asking about pets when you choose a doctor or lawyer, or hire a realtor or a nanny? Here's what science knows.... and you should too.

8 Ways You Can Tell That It's the Right Time to Quit

There's no decision more gut-wrenching than deciding to give up on something that was once very important to you. An inside look at why it's hard to quit, and what you need to know before you do.

7 Foolproof Ways to Doom Your Resolutions

A research-based and utterly reliable guide for all of those intent on sabotaging change and self-improvement.. Really.

The Most Toxic Pattern in Any Relationship

Of all the behaviors that can damage or torpedo relationships, there's one that's been singled out as especially pernicious. Is this a pattern of interaction at your house? Or do you sometimes get perilously close? If so, ignore this post at your own risk.

5 Things About Your Memory That You Shouldn't Forget

We bask in the memories of moments in life that made us feel happy and proud and take heed of those that brought us pain, sorrow, or disappointment. But how accurate or reliable are our memories exactly? A closer look at the science of recall...

Five Things Everyone Can Be Thankful For

Sometimes, when we feel stressed or under the gun, it's hard to be thankful. Here are five observations that should silence your inner kvetch, served up with just enough snarkiness and science to make it palatable.

Spark Your Creativity in Six Steps

Much of the creative process remains a mystery but if you want to enhance your own skill set, there's research that can help guide the way. Really.

6 Ways to Head Off Holiday Angst

Halloween's over and Thanksgiving is just weeks away. For some people, the feeling of dread is just beginning to settle in. How to prepare for the holidays emotionally, and get through what is, for some, the toughest season of the year

Filling the Hole in Your Heart: Recovering from Childhood

The human conundrum is that we are hardwired to need and want deep emotional connections with our mothers during infancy and childhood and that being deprived of those connections has lasting effects. But recovery is possible.

Playing Games: Jason Reitman's "Men, Women & Children"

Looking at the real cost of digital life, through one director's eyes, without spoilers.

6 Steps to Repairing Your Relationship

It's true enough that sometimes, when relationships go into a decline, there seems to be an unstoppable momentum to the fights and arguments. Research shows what you and your partner can do to make things better.

When You Should and Should Not Forgive

Being able to forgive is generally associated with all manner of positive benefits, including increasing life satisfaction, letting go of anger, and more. But is forgiveness really the cure-all the culture thinks? According to research, not always.

5 Surefire Ways to Kill a Relationship

Taking a serious look at what research knows to be the behaviors and stances most likely to take a marriage down

5 Strategies to Help You Move On

Making a change in your life is difficult, anxiety-provoking, and, often, very, very hard. What science knows can help each and every one of us when the time has come to move on....

Joan and Melissa Rivers: A Certain Kind of Truth

Joan Rivers is rightly being eulogized as a trailblazer in her field, a mistress of the quip, and much more, but there's another taboo she took on. How a reality show gave us a glimpse into the reality of a very special mother-daughter relationship,

Is There Really an Epidemic of Narcissism?

Everywhere you look, there are articles declaring that all of us, especially the young, are more and more unhealthily self-involved and selfish. The real question? Is it true?

3 More Things You Didn't Realize About How Your Brain Works

Do you realize that your physical surroundings can shape both your thoughts and your actions, without your being any the wiser? Or that women react differently to potential competition if the rival is wearing is red? A revelatory look at the role unconscious and unperceived "snap judgments" play in human life.

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Let Troubles Get You Down

Even though many more good things happen to us in the course of a week or a lifetime, it's the bad things that have the greatest impact. Taking a close look at the negativity bias and why it works the way it does.

What Porn Does to Intimacy

Much has been written about the "pornification" of the United States as sexually-explicit material has become more mainstream and acceptable. But studies show that effects of watching pornography on how people relate are far more subtle and nuanced than we think, and may be getting in the way of our ability to connect and commit.