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Is the thought of the holiday season getting you down or making you anxious? If so, you're not alone...

4 Things an Empath Never Says (and You Shouldn't Either)

Sympathy and empathy are often used interchangeably but the truth is that they are very different processes on both a neurological and social level. And the difference matters.

4 Proven Ways to Bounce Back From Failure

Taking a close look at why some people recover from failure, and others don't, and what you can do to help yourself.

You, Me, and the Narcissist Next Door

The term "narcissist" gets tossed around with a fair amount of abandon. Who's a narcissist and who isn't? Well, the answer offered up by a new book might surprise you. Welcome to healthy and unhealthy narcissism....You're all included.

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What a tennis competition between sisters can teach us all about this most extended of family relationships...

Is There Any Hope for Relationships With Narcissists?

It's true enough that most of us hang in far longer than we should in toxic relationships, especially with a narcissistic partner. Some of that has to do with hopefulness that our partner and relationship will change. Is that magical thinking? Looking at recent research....

Is Your Relationship Growing or Diminishing Your Real Self?

We connect with others in part to validate our sense of who we are but why is it that, sometimes--more often than we'd like--the close connections we forge make us feel "less than" instead of "more than." A close look at the perils and rewards of interdependence....

Should You Divorce Your Mother?

Some personal choices make us profoundly uncomfortable, and chief among them is the decision to end contact with a parent. Should we be tolerant and understanding instead? Taking an informed look....

Do You Have Trouble With Intimacy? If So, You're Not Alone

What constitutes emotional closeness? Well, it all depends on your needs, desire, and capacity. Looking at matches and mismatches in friendship and love and why intimacy can be so darn elusive.

Do Dog Owners Make Better Lovers? Some Scientific Answers

Some studies have shown that dog owners like to dominate but that they're also more sociable than people without pets or people who prefer cats. But did you know that the presence of a dog changes how we assess someone, even a stranger? That and more....

Is Your Childhood Wrecking Your Love Life?

One of the legacies of childhood is how well or badly we connect to others, both in friendship as well as intimate settings. How your childhood experiences may shape your ability to love and be loved today, and how to understand and recognize patterns of insecure attachment.

Why You May Want to Be a Cat Person (Or Have One Around)

Are Cat people really that different from Dog people? Actually, they are in some respects. But does that mean that never the twain shall meet? The low-down on the special qualities Cat people have...

3 Myths About Romance You Probably Believe (But Shouldn't)

When we think about relationships, sometimes our thinking is just plain wrong or uninformed, thanks to the brain... Really,

Healing Unloved Daughters and the Art of Kintsugi

What do we mean when we speak of being healed? When it comes to getting past the influence of a bad childhood, is healing or becoming whole possible? Or even desirable?

Unloved Daughters and Their Siblings: Five Common Patterns

The lack of maternal love shapes a daughter in myriad ways but it alters the dynamic of the family as well. Taking a close look at what happens between and among brothers and sisters when a mother is unloving...

Notes from My Divorce: 5 Coping Strategies that Worked

Stressful situations, such as divorce, put our emotional skillsets to the test. Here's one writer's take on what research recommends and what worked for her in real life.

Is Cheating Our New Normal?

Have we become a nation of cheaters, so focused on getting what we want that we don't care what means we use?

Why We Care So Much About What Others Think of Us

Are we hardwired to crave status and to respond to people in programmed ways depending on their status? Is status about what money can buy or something else? A close look at what the research shows...

Why Regret May Not Always Be a Bad Thing (But Sometimes Is)

Regret, paradoxically, can both make you unhappy and, sometimes, provide the boost you need to make better choices for yourself and increase your happiness. A look at how regret functions in different individual's lives.

Unloved Daughters and the Pain of Mother's Day

While for many children, Mother's Day is one of true celebration, it's a day to be gotten through, survived, or ignored for others. Why is it that we continue to look away from an unpleasant truth: that, sometimes, Mother's Day hurts?

What Pet Owners Can't Know About Their Pets

Dog owners universally ascribe complex emotions to their furry companions. But what's really going on? Do dogs feel what we think they feel or are we all just projecting?

Are You on the Fence? 10 Questions to Help Set Yourself Free

Are you someone who second-guesses every big decision to death? Do you find yourself unable to move one way or another? Here are some questions that can possibly help...

When Words Are Weapons: 10 Responses Everyone Should Avoid

We often wrongly discount the effect of emotional abuse that's unaccompanied by the physical component. But words can and do hurt. What you need to realize so that your vocabulary doesn't become an arsenal.

Why the Story of Cinderella Still Enchants

Does the world really need another Cinderella movie? Well, maybe it does. A look at what fairy tales teach us and our children.

Jealous Mothers and Their Daughters: The Last Dirty Secret?

Maternal envy, perhaps the biggest taboo of all, needs to be addressed and discussed, not just for the sake of daughters but for mothers as well.

Are You Too Clingy? Is Your Partner?

Our childhood experiences can influence us in our day-to-day adult lives, especially in the arena of intimate relationships. Are you able to find the balance between being yourself and part of a dyad? If not, you should probably read this...

5 Things You Need to Know About Resilience

When we speak of someone being "resilient," we tend to think of it as a character strength. But what is resilience anyway, and what does it take to weather the setbacks in life? A look at the research reveals much...

A Mother's Love: Myths, Misconceptions, and Truths

Commonly held ideas about motherhood shape the dialogue we have culturally, get in the way of understanding parent-child conflict, and affect each of us individually by setting a high and sometimes impossible standard. Why it's time to banish some of the myths that animate the discussion and start a new conversation.

10 Issues That Can Drive You Apart, and How to Beat Them

How close and connected you feel to your partner changes over time and can, alas, both ebb and flow. What you can do to increase intimacy in your relationship, based on science.

The 7 Worst Ways to Quit

When you leave a situation, a job, or a relationship, what's your quitting style? You will want to avoid all seven of these for sure......