How To Solve The Diversity Problem

Can tolerance between different religious groups and races be increased or is it just something “we have to live with?”

Team Chemistry in Major League Baseball

Back in March and before the season started, we predicted team chemistry based on our faultline algorithm and regression analysis for all 30 MLB teams. Now let’s see how we did.

Money or Group Love?

Can fundamental human drives for belonging to social groups overrun the power of money? As the recent election defeat of Eric Cantor shows, the answer is yes!

Reviewing Crunchies 2013 and Playing Defense

What happens when so much money is concentrated in the hands of so few? Remember the Occupy Movement? What about the 1 percent controversy? How the tech industry is responding when they are the target.

What Do We Really Know About Teams?

What happens when people think their team revolves around them? How much do endorsements really matter (depends on who you are!)? Is there any hope for Congress? These are just a few questions that were recently answered at the INGRoup conference in Atlanta.

MLB “Faultlines” Key to Improvement, Study Shows

How much does team chemistry matter? Do melting pot teams do better than ones where everybody is the same?

What Hath Technology Wrought?

Can the process by which people get attracted and “stuck” within a group help us to understand, for instance, how people like the Boston Marathon bombers or others like them become immersed in terrorist groups?

Uptons, Faultlines, and Team Chemistry

Egos, moodiness, and talent: Mixing the brew for team performance

Guns & Groups: Technology to the Rescue?

Could retinal recognition technology have prevented the Newton tragedy?

Teams, Elections, and Political Debates

Politics, fault lines, and presidential debates: Can group faultlines help us understand it all?

The Real Value of College: It Takes a Team (in a Room)?

What are the implications of a two-tiered future of academia where more students learn virtually with relatively fewer residing on campuses?

The Rutgers-Rowan Merger: Can You Make a Faultline Go Away?

We've all heard about corporations merging, but how about universities? What if they are very different; say one is a research-oriented school over 200 years old, another is a teaching school that became a university less than 20 years ago.