Can You Manage Up With a Bad Boss?

Bad bosses have become a pandemic it seems, and perhaps the only comfort is that you’re not alone. But take heart. Assuming your boss isn’t completely intolerable (most bad bosses behave badly episodically)—you can help take control. The best person to manage your boss…is you, because you know how your boss can be a better manager. It does take time and patience, though.

Don't Let Fear Immobilize Your Career in 2015

Think back on how many times in your life you took a leap of faith and it surprised you. You looked back and wondered why it took you so long. Fear of change just kept you frozen in career inertia. Staying with the familiar seemingly creates less stress - on a superficial level. But if you confront fear, you may finally allow yourself career freedom in 2015.

How to Handle Your Horrible Boss

With the movie Horrible Bosses Two soon being released, it’s an opportune time to examine whether these two words also sum up your current work situation. If you’ve been to a supermarket checkout line and held a job, then you can likely relate: terrible two toddlers and bosses with entitled views of their authority act out similarly. The antidote for both is similar.

How to Handle: “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

If you currently hold a job, but are interviewing, you’re likely familiar with one of the most common but challenging questions: “Why are you leaving your current job?” A knee-jerk answer can hurt your chances at getting a good job offer. A thoughtful answer can ultimately contribute to future career success.

How to Ace: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Most hiring managers will at some point pop every job applicant’s most dreaded question: "What is your biggest weakness?" And how you handle the query could ironically portray vulnerability – or your admirable character. It’s an interview classic because it measures so many personality attributes in one fell swoop.

Avoid Minefields in Your Job Interview, Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the all-important interview. Fortunately for you, the hiring manager is charming and engaging—or so it seems. But don’t be taken off guard when asked about your hobbies. If you’re flip or don’t think ahead, you could land into a minefield and not return. This is the first in a series of reading between the lines of interview questions.

Where should you draw the friendship line at work?

Most of the time there is a clear line drawn between your business relationship with your boss and having a true friendship. But what if your BFF just became your boss? While it seems like a good idea to mix business and friendship with your boss, the glory might be overrated.

Watch for These Bad Boss Signs in Your Job Interviews

While it may be time for you to look for a better job, make sure you aren’t jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. The style of questioning during your interview can help you spot bad boss territory. Consider asking yourself some of these questions and looking at these issues as you conduct your job search.

Stop Living for Approval at Work

I recently read a memorable quote that I sent along to many friends and colleagues: “If you live for others approval, you will die from their rejection.” The statement couldn’t be more true in your job, career, or in life, where approval and praise can seem fleeting. Rather than let acceptance consume you at work, however, take steps to avoid following the same pattern.

6 Ways to Make Yourself Heard with Your Boss

Do you ever come to work feeling like your boss is just biding time as you speak? In a glass bubble? He hears you, but isn’t really listening. There are steps you can take to mitigate this dynamic.

Five Questions That Can Help You Land the Right Job

During the job interview, what you ask is critical to your chances of landing a dream job. Too often, job candidates feel so fortunate to have an interview that they neglect to spend enough time preparing well thought-out questions. You may not get a chance to ask these questions again, so be sure to maximize the opportunity.

How to Spot Good and Bad Bosses in Your Job Search

With employment opportunities improving, now could be the perfect time to apply for a more fulfilling position. But your next job should be the right job, and being proactive in evaluating your prospective boss can result in positive, even life-changing results. When searching for a good boss, you must become a bit of a sleuth.

Make Your New Year's Career Resolutions Stick

Once again, it’s that time of year when you may be thinking about career goals and resolutions. However, some resolutions are harder to make stick than others. How can you ensure you stay with your career goals once 2013 departs and 2014 is upon you? Here are some tips to help you remain committed to your plan through rough and rocky waters.

The Holiday Slowdown Could Actually Help You Land a Job

The holiday season is the perfect time to take a breather and wait until next year to restart your job search...NOT. Since many job seekers are thinking the same way and taking a holiday break, that’s the very reason why now through New Year’s is an excellent time to stand out from the crowd.

Can Washington Avoid Childlike Rants?

Are you also cringing at the latest Washington wrangling and wondering, “Can’t we all just get along?” Seeing parallel behaviors between toddlers and authority figures—including those on Capitol Hill? Stress and frustration can trigger this in any mortal, but there are solutions for a win-win. Let's hope our leaders can play nice.

How to Manage Power-Mongering Coworkers

There’s one in every office. The hotshot: the guy who has an exalted view of his own opinions and claims all great ideas are his; or the woman who lets everyone know she’s the “go to” person on…well, everything. They pursue a land grab and overstep your boundaries with no authority to climb the corporate ladder. Despite all their blustering, however, you can mitigate all t

When the Boss Questions Your Every Move

“Is that really going to work?” “Are you sure of your numbers? Is this really what the client wants?” “When does the printer repairman arrive? Are you sure it’s broken? It would be nice if you could do your job without a barrage of questions, driving you to fantasize about hiding under your desk. But take heart, you can mitigate endless boss questioning.

When The Boss Claims Credit For Your Work

Even though you think you went to work, you hear playground noises around you. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you. It’s the boss (and co-workers) playing sandbox politics. They claim — in front of everyone — that you stepped out of line: ”That’s my area.” But with some savvy in the boardroom, you can take yourself and others out of the playroom.

Is Now the Time to Leave Your Job?

With the employment picture showing some signs of life, you may be weighing the pros and cons of looking for a new job. As exciting as the prospect of jumping and leaving might be — just be sure you don't head for a cliff! You want your job exit strategy to resemble more of the calculated leap of a leopard — not haphazard frog leaps to ill-fated jobs.

Are You Subtly Sabotaging Your Career?

Employees can often fear failing at success when attempting to rise to the next level. Saboteur thinking can plague you throughout your career or just happen in phases – and it happens to most everyone at some point. Either way, you can counter it by using sabotage blockers that help you realize that you are indeed up to the task.

How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

Drawing the line between aggressiveness and assertiveness has always been difficult to navigate when trying to achieve career advancement. When you feel you need to make a stand, you may second-guess yourself: “Will I step over the line? If I do nothing, will I lose ground?” You can walk the tightrope by increasing your people sensitivity.

Does Your Company Resemble a Schoolyard on Steroids?

If you’re a senior manager, you may sometimes feel as if you’re running an out-of-control pre-school or schoolyard, not a professional department. If you have demanding, territorial, stubborn, incapable, or indecisive managers, you may take the path of least resistance now – but eventually, you could pay dearly. You may need to help "TOT-Proof" your company.

Gain the Confidence of Your Boss

Being a boss’s go-to person and confidante can help your career in life changing ways. It demonstrates that you can be trusted and have leadership skills to take charge in your manager’s absence. The positive reinforcement you receive feeds on itself and enhances your productivity. The key is to know how to attain and sustain that coveted, career-worthy role.

Make Your Career New Year’s Resolutions Work

Just as in everyday life, most of us look at the New Year as the perfect opportunity to set meaningful career goals. The key is whether we stay mindful of those objectives, have an action plan to execute on them, and can avoid distraction away from them.

What People Want from the Next Prez and Their Boss

The 2012 presidential election brings unprecedented critical issues to the forefront. But if you could hypothetically take issues off the table for a moment, character could actually trump everything, as it could in your career search. If a presidential candidate or your future boss promised you the world, but you didn't trust him, would those promises have any meaning?

Can You Give Your Boss a Time Out?

Now you might be thinking, “If I do that, I might as well pack my belongings and get out myself — permanently.” The fact is, like a parent, you can give your boss a time out for bad behavior — in effect. It just doesn’t involve sitting him in the corner while he ruminates over his misdeeds. Actually in this case, you are the one who can diplomatically leave the scene.

Is Election Talk a Minefield for You At Work?

With the election just weeks away, it's likely that the buzz seeps into your office and break room regularly now, breaking your concentration along with it. You may feel like getting into the Obama/Romney frenetic frenzy. But you have options to stay out of the fray.

How to Deal with Bad Boss Bragging

Self-promoting bosses are not new to the corporate DNA; overconfidence and hyperbole can run rampant. But when bosses start to believe the world really does revolve around them, know that you can take steps to manage it – especially when you see the behavior start to resemble a schoolyard brag-fest.

Is Your Bad Boss Trainable?

When under stress or frustrated, most bosses aren't on their best behavior. Nor are most mortal beings. Your boss may morph from a virtual charmer in the morning to a raging bull in the afternoon.