Do You Work for a Real "Boss Baby"?

It’s not unusual in the corporate world to have a real life “boss baby” – a childlike manager who can wreak havoc with your job. The key is whether you know how to manage up.

What Personal Brand Are You Conveying at Work?

You've heard the old adage you can’t judge a book by its cover, but not so in the workplace. With the new season upon us, it may be time for spring cleaning of your personal brand.

Let Go of Fear in the New Year

What if you made the New Year a time when you allowed fear to catapult you to greater empowerment, freedom and success?

How the Trump-Romney Paradigm Shows Up at Work

Donald Trump's consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State is reminiscent of a management style often seen in the boardroom at your work place.

8 Ways to Become More Empowered at Work

There’s never been a more pressing need to harness your true inner power. By letting go of fear, you've taken the first leap in becoming more empowered in your career and in life.

What Does Casual Dress Really Mean Today?

Casual dress has become a mainstay in the workplace, but along with the trend is greater ambiguity in knowing what will help or hinder your career. Here are tips to consider.

How to Look for a Job When You’re Pregnant

Launching a job search while your pregnant can present challenges. But by having a proactive strategy in place, you can overcome many obstacles ...and stay empowered.

How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

Telling your boss that you're pregnant can be daunting. But with some advance planning, you can counter any concerns skillfully, while empowering yourself in the process.

When Your Boss Is Wrong

We've all experienced it at one time or another: a boss who makes poor decisions that continue to baffle you. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate the problem.

75 Corporate Buzzwords and Phrases That Drive Us Crazy

Office buzzwords aren't just irritating; they can have double meanings in a political work culture. Review the "Babblespeak Glossary," and help build a more trusted workplace.

9 Ways to Win the Salary Challenge When Job Hunting

Salary discussions can be a challenge when job interviewing. But by negotiating wisely - with a solid strategy and emotional intelligence, you'll increase your odds of success.

8 Ways to Manage When Your Buddy Gets the Promotion

It can be feel like a major blow to your career and psyche when your buddy gets the promotion and you don't. But you can use this as an opportunity to succeed in your own right.

6 Ways to 'Manage Up' With a Bad Boss

The holidays are here, and still, your bad boss is not cheery. With the new year around the corner, now is a good time to brush up on your managing up skills for success in 2016.

Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

The word “boss” has virtually come to mean “bad boss.” Everyone is capable of having bad boss or Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT) moments. That's why some occasional self-reflection is worthwhile, to ensure we channel our emotions into manageable, socially acceptable ways in the workplace. Take this quiz and find out how you stack up on the TOT-meter.

Have Americans Become Work Junkies?

Americans have always tied a strong work ethic to success. The thinking is: hard work brings financial rewards and better job security. The more dedicated you are, the more solid your standing with your boss and employer. That's led to a potential work-addicted, gadget-centric society that cannot disconnect. But you can buck the trend by taking back control of your life.

Does Your Prospective Boss's Personality Suit You?

Compatibility with your prospective boss is the one factor that will likely have the most profound impact on job satisfaction, and maybe your career. Yet it’s remarkably neglected in the job interview. It's the elephant in the room that not enough job seekers dare to uncover. If you ask the right questions, however, you'll greatly increase your odds of success.

23 Ways to Make a Successful Salary Counteroffer

You finally made it to the salary negotiation stage of a job offer and want the job. But how do you counter without losing the opportunity? Salary negotiation is uncomfortable for any job candidate because you want to be paid equitably, but don’t want to appear greedy. You can negotiate from a position of strength, with some planning and the mindset that you can win.

Can You Resign and Stay on Good Terms?

If you’re like many people in the workforce today, you wonder from time to time if you should bail. You might enjoy the comfort of your current job, but know in your heart that it’s time to move on. It’s never an easy decision. But once you’ve made up your mind to walk, you can be strategic in your approach so you enhance your career, not sink it.

Add Humor to Your Job and Boost Your Career

Take the brave step of experimenting with more well-placed humor at your job. By going outside your normal comfort zone with some easy-to-follow tips, you'll advance your career.

Can You Manage Up With a Bad Boss?

Bad bosses have become a pandemic it seems, and perhaps the only comfort is that you’re not alone. But take heart. Assuming your boss isn’t completely intolerable (most bad bosses behave badly episodically)—you can help take control. The best person to manage your boss…is you, because you know how your boss can be a better manager. It does take time and patience, though.

Don't Let Fear Immobilize Your Career in 2015

Think back on how many times in your life you took a leap of faith and it surprised you. You looked back and wondered why it took you so long. Fear of change just kept you frozen in career inertia. Staying with the familiar seemingly creates less stress - on a superficial level. But if you confront fear, you may finally allow yourself career freedom in 2015.
How to Handle Your Horrible Boss

How to Handle Your Horrible Boss

With the movie Horrible Bosses Two soon being released, it’s an opportune time to examine whether these two words also sum up your current work situation. If you’ve been to a supermarket checkout line and held a job, then you can likely relate: terrible two toddlers and bosses with entitled views of their authority act out similarly. The antidote for both is similar.

How to Handle: “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

If you currently hold a job, but are interviewing, you’re likely familiar with one of the most common but challenging questions: “Why are you leaving your current job?” A knee-jerk answer can hurt your chances at getting a good job offer. A thoughtful answer can ultimately contribute to future career success.

How to Ace: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Most hiring managers will at some point pop every job applicant’s most dreaded question: "What is your biggest weakness?" And how you handle the query could ironically portray vulnerability – or your admirable character. It’s an interview classic because it measures so many personality attributes in one fell swoop.

Avoid Minefields in Your Job Interview, Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the all-important interview. Fortunately for you, the hiring manager is charming and engaging—or so it seems. But don’t be taken off guard when asked about your hobbies. If you’re flip or don’t think ahead, you could land into a minefield and not return. This is the first in a series of reading between the lines of interview questions.

Where should you draw the friendship line at work?

Most of the time there is a clear line drawn between your business relationship with your boss and having a true friendship. But what if your BFF just became your boss? While it seems like a good idea to mix business and friendship with your boss, the glory might be overrated.

Watch for These Bad Boss Signs in Your Job Interviews

While it may be time for you to look for a better job, make sure you aren’t jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. The style of questioning during your interview can help you spot bad boss territory. Consider asking yourself some of these questions and looking at these issues as you conduct your job search.

Stop Living for Approval at Work

I recently read a memorable quote that I sent along to many friends and colleagues: “If you live for others approval, you will die from their rejection.” The statement couldn’t be more true in your job, career, or in life, where approval and praise can seem fleeting. Rather than let acceptance consume you at work, however, take steps to avoid following the same pattern.
6 Ways to Make Yourself Heard with Your Boss

6 Ways to Make Yourself Heard with Your Boss

Do you ever come to work feeling like your boss is just biding time as you speak? In a glass bubble? He hears you, but isn’t really listening. There are steps you can take to mitigate this dynamic.
Five Questions That Can Help You Land the Right Job

Five Questions That Can Help You Land the Right Job

During the job interview, what you ask is critical to your chances of landing a dream job. Too often, job candidates feel so fortunate to have an interview that they neglect to spend enough time preparing well thought-out questions. You may not get a chance to ask these questions again, so be sure to maximize the opportunity.