Mental Health Initiatives for Athletes Still Lacking

Sports psychology often targets improved performance, not mental health

“Normal Barbie” Challenges Body Ideals

Should dolls represent 'real' people? Some believe that it is essential to resist the thin ideal.

RUSH Prevention Program Helping Children of Bipolar Parents

Children may be more sensitive to stress in their environment.

Killing the American Hero, Killing the Fair Trial

When defense claims "not criminally responsible," courts must adopt a holistic view of insanity.

When Adolescents Claim the Right to Refuse Treatment

Some argue that minors do not understand the severity of their condition.

Documentary Film Tells Story of Race, Drugs and Baseball

Dock Ellis: High-flying baseball icon or survivor of drug dependence?

Refugee System Perpetuates Trauma for LBGTQ Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers, forced to hide their identities in their home countries, must prove their LBGTQ status in court.

A Blood Test to Diagnose Depression?

Understanding the biological roots of depression can produce faster diagnosis and better treatment options.

We Thought You’d Never Ask: Autism and Self-Advocacy

Assumptions of mental retardation limit opportunities for autistic people to express their intelligence.

Non-Offending Pedophiles Suffer From Isolation

Anonymous, online peer support is often the only resource available for non-offenders.

Teaching Children About Trauma: the “River Speaks” Series

A book series helps children acknowledge distress and heal from trauma.

Srebrenica Massacre Continues to Haunt Victims

Vivid memories of war are retold in the trial of an infamous war criminal.

An Ice Bucket, an Autistic Child, and a Cruel Joke

Bullying and harassment hampers development and emotional expression.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Traumatize Women Through Deception

Emotional manipulation and outright lies used to dissuade women from seeking abortions.

Does Experiencing Therapy Make a Better Therapist?

The therapeutic alliance between client and therapist is affected by therapist well-being.

Can Some Lead a Better Life by Listening to their Voices?

The Hearing Voices Movement offers a paradigm shift for people confronting auditory hallucinations.

Prisons Perpetuate Trauma in Female Inmates

Perpetrators of sexual violence in prisons are often prison staff, and their crimes are going unpunished.

Nasal Spray May Prevent PTSD, Study Finds

Nasal spray may help prevent traumatic memories from forming in the first place.

When a Loved One Attempts Suicide

Learning to forgive oneself after a loved one's suicide attempt is essential.

Trauma Survivors at Risk for Future Abusive Relationships

When offenders are caregivers, children often blame themselves, and love and abuse can become interconnected.

Overpraising May Reduce Self-Esteem in Children

Encouraging a child's efforts may be more beneficial than praising outstanding results.

South Koreans Use Suicide to Preserve Honour.

Fueled by a desire to conceal mental illness, many Koreans are averse to seeking therapy

Laughing at Mental Illness?

Who is making the joke and why? Comedy helps people cope with mental illness.

Is Online Treatment the Next Frontier for CBT?

In places where therapy is inaccessible, online therapies are an innovative approach.

Is Casual Sex Really So Bad?

Engaging in casual sex for the 'right' reasons is related to higher levels of self-esteem and satisfaction.

Patients with Misophonia Require Help and Understanding

Sufferers cannot tolerate certain sounds, and avoidance leads to social isolation.

Parental Pressure Takes a Toll on Young Athletes

Emphasizing whether a child wins or loses in a sport harms self-esteem.

Officers with PTSD at Greater Risk for Police Brutality

PTSD may lead to deadly overreactions by police officers.

Sensory Sensitivity Can Strain Parent-Child Relations

Parent awareness alleviates stress, and helps improve relationships.

One Woman’s Suicide Reignites Right-to-Die Debate

Assisted suicide relieves unmanageable suffering for some