Expressing the Inner Voice May Bring Benefits

Research reveals more about the promise of positive self-talk.

Social Media Societies Pose Risks to Mental Health

Researchers found that online communities can encourage self harm.

Medicating Women's Sexual Desire Still Highly Controversial

Research reveals that sexual desire is influenced by non-biological factors.

Police Need Training to Deal With Mentally Ill Offenders

Police training can benefit both police and individuals with mental illness.

When a Sibling Dies by Suicide

Samantha recounts the grief she experienced after losing her brother to suicide.

Wearing Cancer Survival Like a Badge of Honor

Labels and degrees of illness can create a divide amongst those with cancer.

Trauma Exposure Linked to PTSD in 911 Dispatchers

Emergency dispatchers are often exposed to duty-related trauma.

Let's Eliminate Physical Restraints in Group Homes

Physical restraints place children and youth at serious risk.

Using Mindfulness with Opioid Addicted Chronic Pain Patients

Mindfulness can be used as an alternative treatment method for chronic pain.

Barriers Prevent Soldiers From Seeking Psychological Help

Soldiers might face consequences for speaking up about mental health challenges.

A Hands-On Approach to Psychotherapy?

Therapeutic touch can be effective if used appropriately.

Losing a Pregnancy Only to Lose One Again

Recurrent pregnancy loss is an isolating and traumatic experience for many.

Conversation Cards Help Therapists Dig Deeper

Fink Cards: A tool designed to promote dialogue between therapists and clients.

Parent Mental Illness Casts Long Shadow on Children

Research reveals that parent mental illness can greatly impact children.

Denmark Declassifies Transgender as Mental Illness

Transgender is not considered to be a mental illness in Denmark, making it the first country to remove the link between transgender identity and mental illness.

When Discipline Worsens Performance in Competitive Sports

Harsh parenting behaviour burdens the child, hindering performance.

Slam Poetry Facilitates Sharing Stories of Mental Illness

Sharing poetry can build self-esteem and promote self-love in both speakers and audience members, and can be a form of therapy to treat anxiety and depression.

Police 'Blue Wall of Silence' Facilitates Domestic Assault

The “blue wall of silence”—an unwritten code to protect fellow officers from investigation—perpetuates domestic violence in officers' homes.

Male Rape Victims Face Difficulty Finding Support

Although most rape centers don’t turn male victims away, they do not cater specifically to the physical and emotional needs of men who undergo such trauma.

Lena Dunham's Representations of Mental Illness

More recently viewers have seen a notable shift towards more accurate representations of mental illness. The controversial television series Girls on HBO leads the way.

Photography Documenting Mental Illness Draws Criticism

Through her project, feelings of pain and hurt that Melissa held toward her mother were gone, and she found herself feeling greater empathy, acknowledging her mother's illness.

Learning to Manage Emotions Boosts Children's Well-being

Schools lay the groundwork for cognitive development, especially in academic areas. But what about emotional development?

Staffing Shortage Underserves Long Term Care Residents

There are simply not enough staff to supervise the daily activities of long-term care residents.

Lack of Regulation in Porn Industry Leaves Women Unprotected

Not only can pornography be uncomfortable, but due to the lack of regulation in the industry, the work can also have a negative impact on performers’ health.

Friends of Teens with Eating Disorders Unsure Where to Turn

Without resources at school, with no one to turn to, teenagers struggle to begin the conversation about eating disorders among their peers.

Prisoners Gain Understanding of Others Through Literature

Most inmates will re-enter society at some point and, by encouraging reading while in prison, these prisoners can improve vital social skills.

When the Expectation Is for Parents to Hover

Problems arise when parent involvement extends too far, leaving young adults helpless in trying to find their footing, impeding normal development and independence.

Trauma Documented Three Decades After Chernobyl Disaster

To this day, those affected by the explosion continue to struggle, living in fear of long-lasting consequences such as birth defects and contaminated foods.

Remote Northwest Territories Lacking Mental Health Care

Lack of access to staff, resources, and community-based treatments impede adequate treatment and prevention strategies in the Northwest Territories.

Illustrating Mental Health With Cartoons

Cartoons allow audiences to grasp intricate aspects of psychological disorders.