Three Simple Ways to Enhance Mental Health Resilience

Research indicates that resilience is not a fixed attribute, but can be cultivated through simple self-initiated activities.

Five New Year Resolutions to Improve your Mental Health

Evidence suggests that certain self-initiated activities can be very beneficial for mental health. A new year resolution based on one of these activities may be a life-changer.

Religion and Mental Health: What is the Link?

A growing body of research indicates that religious belief and practice can promote good mental health, as well as foster recovery from mental illness.

The Mental Health Impact of 'Blame a Black Man Syndrome'

Data suggests that black men have high rates of wrongful conviction. This can ruin individual lives, creating fear and mistrust in black communities. This can damage mental health.

Is There an Epidemic of Despair in the Rural Heartland?

New research shows a sharp increase in premature death rates among rural less educated whites; mainly due to suicide, overdose, and substance abuse. What are the underlying causes?

Dating with Mental Illness: What Is It Like?

Researchers interviewed a range of people with mental illnesses to learn more about their dating and romantic experience. Findings were surprising, poignant and insightful.

Why Labelling President Trump as Mentally Ill Is Wrong

Four reasons why the petition calling President Trump mentally ill is deeply troubling.

Is an Increase in Individualism Damaging Our Mental Health?

New research indicates that we are becoming more and more individualistic. Is this having a negative effect on our mental health?

Is There Really a Boy Crisis?

Some scholars have long stated that we are in the midst of a ‘boy crisis’, manifesting itself in educational under-achievement and poor mental health. But is this the case?

Gender and Mental Health: Do Men Matter Too?

A recent report set out to assess gender inequality and mental health, but was this another wasted opportunity to discuss issues affecting men?

World Health Day: Unmasking Male Depression

Surveys indicate that men have low rates of depression. As such, a common impression is that depression is generally a woman's disease. But is it?

Trigger Warnings and Mental Health: Where Is the Evidence?

Recently, there has been a growing push for the use of "trigger warnings" on college campuses. But are they beneficial for mental health? And can they have unintended consequences?, used with permission

Men Understanding Women Understanding Men

Many romantic relationships flounder on minor misunderstandings, which can often escalate into full-scale crises. What can be done to diminish such misunderstandings?

Men's Mental Health: A Silent Crisis

Numerous researchers state that there is a silent crisis in men’s mental health. Is this the case? What are the issues and what are the solutions to improve men's mental health?