Fearing the Wrong Things?

Horrific terrorist acts abroad have sparked fears of international travel—and of Muslims and Syrian refugees—and warnings to "be aware" of risks. The psychological dynamics that drive exaggerated fears also were at work in 1942, as my family observed first hand.
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Memories of Trauma

Imagine yourself as a traumatized passenger on a transatlantic flight that has run out of fuel and is seemingly destined to crash in the ocean. Such was the real life experience of psychologist Margaret MacKinnon, who, with colleagues, later compared passengers' memories with actual flight events. Their findings teach us a lesson about human memory.
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Happy Tea Drinkers?

Are those who drink several cups of tea a day at less risk of depression than those who have little or none? If so, does this indicate that tea drinking helps protect against depression? Eleven studies suggest some answers.

Does Video Game-Playing Sharpen Mental Skills and Speed?

Although new research suggests that video-game playing and "brain training" have limited cognitive benefits, some simple interventions can increase academic achievement.