You Never Know

Always be careful what you write in a clinical report. You never know where it will end up.

The Forgotten Patient

Everything that happens in psychotherapy has meaning. Absolutely everything.

Dr. Melfi and Me

What does a therapist do when a patient is about to reveal a mob secret?

Break an Ankle, Become Schizophrenic

In court, an expert must be prepared for anything, no matter how outrageous.

Inventing Sex

What do we expect of older people?

The Arrangement

Growing older can provide perspective--even wisdom

Show Me The Money

Sometimes, a patient's fantasy of pathology influences the presentation.

"I Thought We Had A Good Marriage"

Conversation can be every bit as powerful as medication. Sometimes, more so.

Remembrance of Things Past

We may not realize the richness residing within the much older mind.

Stiffing the Shrink

It's never about the money. It has more meaning than that.

My Time Behind Bars

Even prison is no barrier to learning.

A Shot in the Dark

How a family's entire life can be ruined in a single moment.

Sex with a Former Patient

Relations with a Former Patient? Temptations of the Profession.

The Bedbug Dilemma

A symptom may hide much deeper conflicts.

A Dirty Little Secret

Some things are best left unexplored.

A Judgment Call

When do you call the authorities . . .

Saved By a Cup of Joe

As his partner got out of the patrol car to investigate, Phil took a sip of the coffee, set the cup on the dash and leaned back. The front window of the patrol car exploded. Phil felt a sledgehammer-like blow near his right armpit. His body slammed back and he fell onto the seat. He was shot.

The New Patient

What my patient's actions could mean to me.

A Boundary Violation

“Every therapist can be tempted by some patients. It’s part of the landscape. But sex with a patient…? You can’t be serious.”

Am I a Double Agent?

As a psychiatrist, I worry about the real possibility of over-reporting patients who might be considered likely to cause harm. The notion of something being likely requires a judgment about anticipating someone’s future actions.

A Man of Means

My pulse quickened. Thick, banded bundles of money poured onto the desk—stacks of hundred-dollar bills—scores of them.

Who Gives a Diagnosis?

When money and the law intersect, truth is often the victim.

That Terrible Day

James had been working on a high floor of the North Tower for about ten years. He and another man who worked in a different office on that floor shared the elevator ride most mornings. They never even learned each other’s names. On the morning or September 11th, 2001, they rode in the elevator, as usual.

The Lost Weekend

Between the 30th and 31st floors, the elevator came to a sudden stop. He pushed every button, but the doors failed to open. No one responded to the alarm. He tried using the intercom; but still no response.

Crossing the Line

I decided the most ethical and caring thing to do was to get involved.

The Man in the Box

What Mrs. Jones saw was horrific: at the sight, Mrs. Jones fainted and was led away from the funeral in a state of shock.

The Head Doctor

While working as a liaison psychiatrist at a large hospital, I was told a surgical patient wanted a consultation. No other information was provided.

The Impossible Patient

Sandra sabotaged everything: her medical treatment, psychotherapy, job situations, and relationships

The Haunting

Jack’s case was compelling evidence of the enduring power of memory. It also demonstrated the past’s power to haunt us.

The Prescription

Steve looked downtrodden entering my office. He’d come reluctantly, and only because his wife insisted he “see someone.” Steve talked about doctors being “pill pushers.” “I’m not sure you need pills,” I said. “You really need something more in your life...” I wrote the prescription, ripped the sheet from the pad, and handed it to Steve. The prescription said...