Medications and Weight Gain: We Need Support

Have you gained weight from taking medications for bipolar disorder? Are you getting support or feeling stigmatized?

Recovering From Seasonal Shifts in Mood in Bipolar Disorder

For people who have bipolar disorder, seasonal changes in mood can disrupt your health and well being. You can learn to recognize and address these seasonal shifts before they cause harm. We examine the effects of these shifts on motivation, thinking and identity. Early recognition can help you gain better control of bipolar spectrum disorder.

Who Am I? The Effects of Bipolar Disorder on Identity

Do you often feel like you don't know who you are? Do your attitudes towards life and work change without much warning? Are your friends and family puzzled by these changes in your opinions and your motivation? Learn more about the ways bipolar spectrum disorder can affect your identity.

A Gentle Touch: Emotions and Motivation in Bipolar Disorder

It's easy to blame yourself and get lost in negativity when you get off track. But if you have bipolar disorder, whipping yourself into shape may not be the best strategy. Instead, when your moods are not well regulated, it may be better to be gentle and get help getting back on track.

Bipolar Disorder: Seeing the Signs

Learning more about bipolar disorder.