Rumination and Your Health

Getting stuck in ruminative cycles is associated with poor physiological outcomes, such as increased cortisol reactivity and prolonged cardiovascular reactivity

Are Emotions (and Their Regulation) Contagious?

How others can play a central role in our emotions and mental health.

Are You Problem Solving or Ruminating?

Are you engaging in adaptive problem solving or are you getting stuck in a vicious cycle of rumination

Learning To Face Our Fears

We all have fears. Confronting them is key to our ability to overcome them.

Emotion Regulation: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Emotions can be very useful in helping us navigate this complex world. But, in order for us to optimize their adaptive value, we need to learn how to regulate them.

Being Emotionally Flexible

What does it mean to be emotionally flexible and why does it matter?

Robin Williams' Tragic Death: How Can We Help?

In light of Robbin Williams' tragic death, many of us are wondering how we can help end the stigma on mental health. The first step is to spend a few minutes today learning about mental disorders.

Why Labeling Emotions Matters

Labeling our emotions can help us regulate them better.

How Brief Are Emotions?

Emotions come and go faster than we think. But, sometimes our attempts at making them go away end up prolonging them.

Getting Stuck in Ruminative Thought

Why do we get stuck in rumination and how can we stop?

A Few Thoughts On Worry

A closer look at the science behind excessive worries.

Let's Do an Emotion Experiment!

In my lab, I'm constantly designing experiments to understand how people experience emotions. Let me show how to measure your own emotional reactivity.

Emotion Experiment: Understanding Anticipatory Anxiety

Let's do an emotion experiment together to learn how anxiety is all about anticipation! Let's face our fears #ifacemyfears

Anxiety Is All About Anticipation!

Once you're in the moment, anxiety begins to dissipate.