Dangerous Liaisons for Anthony Weiner— Victim of Addiction?

Two year ago, then New York congressman Anthony Weiner announced he was done— done!—with his Internet infidelities. Then it was discovered that, after his fall from grace, he continued to find Twitter-mates. How can we understand his behavior?

Am I Having an Affair with My Book?

I've devoted time and energy into promoting my new book on infidelity, but, in so doing, my own relationship has paid the price. Now my wife accuses me of having an affair with my book. Is she right?

Should the Children Know You've Had an Affair?

Affairs are a private matter. No one wants to talk about it. Often even the children don't know. But sometimes the parents have to step up to the plate and tell their kids what's going on.

What Has Anthony Weiner Learned from Twitter-gate?

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner opened up about his Twitter-based infidelity. His insights into how affairs happen are worth paying attention to. But, really, can we blame it on Twitter?

What's the Value of Saving a Marriage?

Traditional psychotherapy dictates that therapists remain neutral. Especially when affairs happen, it's easy to let marriages crumble and fall. But a therapeutic bias in favor of saving marriages can help improve couples' communication, insight and well being.

Irresistible Woman Fired by Married Boss?

After ten years on the job, Melissa Nelson got fired because her boss was infatuated with her. Not good for her, but is it good for the marriage?

Did Jodi Arias Kill Travis Alexander Over "Infidelity"?

"Expert" testimony in the trial of Jodi Arias suggests that infidelity may have been the cause of death of her lover, Travis Alexander. Which begs the question: How do you define infidelity?

Infidelity See, Infidelity Do

Infidelity is infectious. Even people who have no intention of having an affair can be influenced by those they hang out with

Will the Bachelor Finally Find "The One"?

ABC's hit reality show "The Bachelor" gives one man a chance to find the love of his life amount 25 women. If it's such a good formula, how come less than twenty percent of those matches work out? And what can it teach us about being happy with the one you picked!

The Anatomy of "One Night's Mistake"

Senator Pete Domenici revealed that he had an affair 30 years ago, and it became a teachable moment for every marriage.