"Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater... Maybe Not"

How can I ever trust them again? If they cheated once won't they do it again? The "once a cheater, always a cheater" argument is a flagrant myth designed to protect but most definitely not enlighten. Discovery "why" people have affairs is the real key!

Betrayal: What's Wrong With Men?

Are all men who betray narcissistic sociopaths or is there more going on in the dance of intimacy that can explain, not excuse the fact that 60% of all men are unfaithful? There is more to the story and the health of all relationships rests upon men "man-ing up" to the requirements of what it means to really love.

Is It Really Possible to Save a Marriage After an Affair?

Is a marriage destined for a divorce following an affair? We believe it's not only possible to save a marriage but thrive following infidelity. Here's why...

True Confessions of an Adulterer... Who Happens to Be a Shrink!

I am an adulterer who happens to be a licensed clinician and is willing to tell the truth about why I did. I chose to have an affair that ended in a devastating divorce, left my wife and children, landed me in a jail cell, damaged my business and many important relationships and almost cost me my life. Welcome to my story...