10 Ways to Break Out of a Rut (Right Now)

Why does your brain love spontaneity? And how can you become more spontaneous?

5 Ways to Make Negative Emotions Work For You

The approaches you use to make yourself feel better might be causing you to feel worse.

10 Signs That You're in a Rut

Can you tell if you or someone close to you is stuck in a rut?
Tania Luna

Discomfort or Regret?

Given the choice between feeling discomfort today or feeling regret 10 years from now for the action you didn't take, what do you choose?

Effort = Growth

Ever find yourself feeling awkward, self-conscious, and incompetent? Good! That means you're growing. Want to grow even more? Research shows you have to reframe effort as growth.
End Conflict by Using Surprise

End Conflict by Using Surprise

Ever find yourself in the same argument over and over again? If you are stuck in a conflict rut, this approach to ending your conflict is the simple and surprising solution.
Get Unbored

Get Unbored

Whether you are entering data or stuck watching your sister's baby, these six tips will ensure you'll never have to feel bored.

Surprise Etiquette

Surprise intensifies delight and deepens relationships, but not all surprises are made equal. There are three important factors to keep in mind to become a more skillful surprise schemer.

Investing in Reminiscence

Want to feel more joy and connection more often? The trick may be altering your approach to making memories.
Taming the Uncertainty Monster

Taming the Uncertainty Monster

There are more uncertainties and metaphorical dark caves in our lives than ever before. How do we wrangle our fear of the unexpected and explore more?

Getting Spoiled (and Unspoiled)

The science behind unreasonable expectations and how to make them reasonable again.

Psychology of First World Problems

The science behind our modern day frustrations (and what we can do to stop getting frustrated).

Love Song Psychoanalysis

What one love song knew all along about the psychology of intimacy and fulfillment.

The Ultimate Time Hack

The surprising paradox of time: how to have more of it by doing less.