The Door-Hold Experiment: Communication in the Digital Age

The Door-Hold Dilemma illustrates the dissolution of communication in the Digital Age.

Fantability Vs. Viscereality…Oh, and Surfing

Digital and analog, fantasy and reality models compete for the most effective treatment of malaise and depression.

A Perfect Storm: ADD in the Digital Age

ADD in a Digital Age could make for a powder keg... or not

Cross-Training for the Apocalypse

Can a grounded story inspire physical and mental fitness more than mere scientific proof?

Emotional Alchemy

Has emotional awareness atrophied towards absurdity?

Anthropomorphizing People

Anthropomorphism should be limited to use on inanimate objects and small pets.

Organization = Happiness

Organization and home-improvement offer so much more than down-market happiness.

Hanging with the Abyss

The abyss is something we typically avoid.  I've got a huge, gaping abyss in my leg...but it's getting better...

Wipe-Out Post-Ictal

Surfers get that you need to take a solid wipe-out before you can surf. It's the after-the-flail, or post-ictal clean up that allows for calm, peace, and constructive change.

Rent or Own? What is a Second Home?

I almost bought a second home this weekend. Wait...what does that even mean? I figure it comes down to two basic paradigms. 1) Living vs. Dying. 2) East vs. West.

Achilles Heel/Surf-Head Part II

This is not all sloppy dope trip, nor is it pretentious, madeleine-sniffing nostalgia.  This is the pay-off of Surf-Head.  

Achilles Heel/Surf-Head Part I

Surf-Head is on ongoing blog, chronicle, meditation on the uses of surf, sport,and experience towards understanding self and psychology in an engaged, novel way. One psychiatrist's guide to surfing and back...  Achilles Heel/Surf-Head marks the take-off. GD