The ADHD Debate: Is the ADHD Diagnosis Helpful or Harmful?

We should shift from treating childhood distraction as a clinical disease, to targeting the best ways to help children maximize their ability to focus.

Should Step-Parents be Allowed to Discipline?

Parenting experts agree that both parents need to be firmly in charge in blended families.

Is Donald Trump a Demagogue?

In ancient times, a demagogue was a leader who appealed to the emotions, fears, anxieties, prejudices, and ignorance of the common people from the lower classes.

Is Mental Health Care Failing our Kids?

A recent New York Times essay is an eye-opening message for parents or for anyone else concerned with child mental health.

A Simple Way to Improve a Child’s Behavior and Achievement

When should you enroll your child in school? New research poses an interesting answer.

How Popcorn and Toys were used to Sell Kids Drugs Illegally

The series of articles is a stark wake-up call to any parent who is thinking about drugging their child for behavioral problems.

Why Blame the Brain When the Problem Is in the Neck?

When a patient complains about depression, a doctor typically focuses on a brain chemistry defect. But other organs can actually be the source of the problem.

Tweens, Teens, and Video Screens

Parents complain that they can’t tear their kids away from video games when it is time to start their homework and that kids are texting when they are supposed to be sleeping.

The Surprising Shadow Side of a Narcissist

Like the boy Narcissus in the Greek tale, narcissists are in love with their own appearance. They expect others to be mirrors of themselves.

Protecting Kids from Psychiatric Drugs

Nelson Madela once said that “Any country, any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all.” At long last, some legislators are beginning to take Mandela's words to heart.

Save the Cat

Since my office sits on the edge of the Hollywood hills, it is not infrequent that the latest snippets from the movie industry make their way into my office.

Psychiatry Under the Influence

Institutional corruption is about the bad barrel rather than the bad apple.

What's New with Mac n' Cheese?

American kids deserve the same treatment that European children have been enjoying for decades.

Are We Medicating the True Selves of Boys?

We seem to be asking boys to conform to a standard of behavior that in the past would have been more appropriate for girls.

Is ADHD Genetic?

Is ADHD a genetic disorder? This seems to be the accepted view among American psychiatrists and parents.

Homework Versus More Free Play

Research has clearly shown that homework has negative effects on children.

30 Ways to Prevent ADHD

Here are 30 tips to keep ADHD at bay.

Through a Distant Lens

Hearing voices and feeling paranoid may be common experiences, often a reaction to trauma, abuse, or deprivation.

Is ADHD on the Rise Worldwide?

The word “ADHD” is much like the word “unicorn.” Everyone knows what the word means, but the thing named does not exist in nature.

To be or not to be--Charlie Hebdo?

For every journalist or writer the Charlie Hebdo incident presents a moment of truth.

American Parents Under Siege

American children and teenagers are less happy than kids in other rich countries—even though American parents are "obsessed with parenting advice.”

Schizophenia Is Not What It Used to Be

Does the word "schizophrenia" refer to one thing or many?

8 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters

Good nutrition is vital not only for children's physical health, but for their mental health as well.

What to do when your Child is Scatterbrained

Parents have two options if they want to help their scatterbrained day-dreamy kids.

Exercise is ADHD Medication

Parents, maybe it's time to put away the Ritalin and Adderall, and start bicycling with your kids to school!

Why Physical Education is Important for Academic Skills

Wait, you might not want to cut P. E. from the school curriculum just yet!

Overscheduled Kids

How much scheduling is too much for any particular kid?

ADHD Drugs (Stimulants) and Heart Disease in Kids

A new study (June, 2014) finds that children without predisposing risk factors for heart disease were at increased risk for heart problems after taking typical stimulants prescribed for ADHD.

Is Free Play Essential for Learning?

Having ample opportunity for free play not only has psychological advantages for a child; it has educational advantages as well.

Audra McDonald, Creativity and ADHD

Audra McDonald said last night, "I want to thank my mom and dad up in heaven for disobeying the doctor's orders and not medicating their hyperactive daughter and finding out what she's into instead."