Soldiering On

Bradley Manning's lawyers gingerly introduce the "Transgender Defense." Should being trans make a soldier unfit for duty?

I'll Give You Something to Cry About

During a trip to Amsterdam in 1999, author Jennifer Finney Boylan--then James-- realized that her days as a man were drawing to a close. How could she protect her family, she wondered, given the changes that lay ahead? How do we decide between living life as our authentic selves, on the one hand, and the safety of our families, on the other?
In the Early Morning Rain

In the Early Morning Rain

Like a lot of young transgender people, I reached a moment when I thought of ending my life. On a cliff in Nova Scotia, instead, I found the way home.

"We Can't Call You Daddy If You're Going to Be a Girl"

After changing genders, I worried, "What about my sons? What about the boys?" Then they found a name to call me.

Does Having a Transgender Parent Make Sons into Better Men?

As transgender sensibility becomes more accepted, and the categories of "male" and "female" are increasingly seen as mutable, "motherhood" and "fatherhood" become more elusive categories as well.