Detection and Management of Depression and Bipolar Disease

On September 1, 2015, the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care at UT Southwestern under the direction of Dr. Madhukar Trivedi was officially launched. Dr. Trivedi, an internationally recognized expert in depression and mood disorders, received the 2015 American Psychiatric Association Award for Research, the Association’s most significant award for research.

Trade-in Transition: Mom Looks at a New Role as Kids Depart

Hersh finds closure of a part of her life by letting go of an old car.

Predicting Who We Will Be

After 25 years of marriage, I return to the Great Barrier Reef with my 19 year-old daughter to reflect back to who I thought I'd be.

Fixing the Neural Circuit to Combat Mental Illness

A trip to Stanford gives a look into the work of Dr. Amit Etkin and Stanford's NeuroCircuit Group.

Can Too Many Good Things Lead to Squirrely Mental Health?

Managing the good things in life as well as the tragedies can impact mental health.

The Shocking Truth about ECT

Should the media be reporting on medical treatments when they lack the time and expertise to fully present information?

One Pilot’s Suicide Prompts a Call for Common Sense

The Germanwings crash causes a new look at regulations for pilots. Do current FAA regulations cause pilots to hide depression and bipolar disease, resulting in more severe illness?

Discussing Illness Without Alienating the Ill

The arts offer an unthreatening microscope and telescope to examine stories, which we can adapt to our own healing.

Can a Bad Boy Ever be a Good Role Model?

Can the lessons of Stagger Lee teach a new generation to make lasting change?

The Presence of Absence - Holidays without Parents

A discovery of memorabilia on Christmas morning brings back memories of parents who are no longer with us. The good news for those who are encountering this experience for the first time - it does get better.

An Unexpected Thanksgiving Story

A mother gets an unexpected surprise when she hikes to the point where she attempted suicide in 2001 with her now 20 year-old son.

Shared Experience of Depression Heals Two from Two Cultures

Decidí Vivir, the Spanish translation of Struck by Living, released this week. The translation process helped heal two families of different languages and culture, but a shared experience of depression.

How to Survive Your Spouse's Depression

Ken Hersh, at his recent business school reunion (Stanford), gave a talk on the Top Five ways he maintained his mental health while I was suffering with my suicidal depression. This article recaps his Top Five.

Mental Health Needs More than a Wake Up Call

After a flurry of interviews the week of Robin Williams death, a writer reflects on the change needed to cause a quantum shift in mental health.

Faith, the Intangible Force in Resilience

Inspired by the faith of immigrants in the "Lost in Translation" speaker series, Hersh explores the impact of faith on resilience. This event took place at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of Arts and Letters Live.

Jacob Schick: Resilience Through Staying on Mission

Marine Corps Corporal Jacob Schick, veteran of Iraq who sustained 46 operations and 23 blood transfusions after nearly dying on duty, gives his credo for maintaining a positive attitude.

Finding Balance in May Madness

How do you appreciate those important spring moments when there are too many of them?

Intrinsic Motivation: The Missing Link in Mental Health Care

How does a chance mother-son bet spur global suicide awareness?

An Ounce of Engagement: The Key to Reducing Military Suicide

Most of military suicides occur once personnel have left the military and returned home. Can engagement change this trend?

The Life Lessons of a SMART Class

Smart Mental Edge Training (SMART) at the Center for BrainHealth offers a lesson about the military.

The Universal Personal Secret

Can the arts be a vehicle for healing?

Mental Illness: Do We See It Coming?

We need a change of focus to make a quantum shift in mental health care. We need to see it coming. Along with attacking illness, we need to teach people how to care for their brains.

Making a List for Mental Health, Checking it More Than Twice

A person who has suffered from clinical depression and stayed well for over 8 years reviews why she is motivated to stick to her wellness list.

Christmas Zen from a Mediocre Meditator

Julie Hersh, the mediocre meditator, finds solace from the holiday rush with some words from a Zen master and, of course, a little chocolate.

When Recording Surpasses Being There

At what point does recording an experience alter the experience?

Brain Change in the Galapagos

Can exposure to different groups and experiences cause our brains to change? A trip to the Galapagos sets thoughts in motion.

Is Mental Illness the Right Definition?

At the UNT Fall Forum an audience member sparks a discussion on the term mental illness. Does that term create more problems than good?

Does Meditation Make a Difference? Perspective from 35 Days

What are the benefits of daily meditation? As a newbie meditator, I pause to reflect on my first 35 days.

An Unexpected Gift: Deepak and Oprah's 21-Day Meditation

One week into the 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Hersh relays both the inspiration and insight gained from meditation.