Armed, Untreated Mental Illness is the Deadliest Killer

Will mental health or gun control be the result of the Sandy Hook tragedy?

Bob Costas Bravely States the Obvious

Bob Costas's honesty about guns and suicide/homicide in his Sunday football broadcast inspires Julie Hersh to break her silence about this issue.

Remembering Mom During the Holidays

Can time heal the memory of a parent who was difficult during the last years of life?

Students Helping Students Toward Mental Health

What inspires students to protect their own mental health? I asked a group of ND students for their input.

Transition to College Rocks!

Hope with a plan is the best strategy for mental health and making the transition to college rock.

Lesson for College Freshman: Top Ten for Mental Health

Did you talk with your upcoming college freshman about mental health? Here is some common sense advice to maintain health in the college adventure.

The Internet Impact: Always Right But Never There

Can nature help deepen our conversations?

Give Your Brain a Sprint, Think Like a Kid

Sometimes the wisdom of our experience prevents us from taking the risks necessary to stretch our brains.

Finding Purpose in a Funk

A 30th reunion at the University of Notre Dame provides inspiration for a writer's blues.

Mental Hygiene: Preventative Care for Mental Illness

Is some mental illness preventable with preventative action and early detection? Hersh says mental hygiene can make a difference.

Memory and ECT

Is memory loss an issue with electroconvulsive therapy? Julie Hersh and others find honest answers from a team of experts from UT Southwestern. A special panel discussed ECT at the Dallas Children's Theater.

Dr. Oz Ventures Bravely into ECT

Can Dr. Oz enlighten the general public about the benefits of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)? Julie Hersh thinks yes and lends her story to the effort.

Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs: Truth from the Inside Out

Glenn Close's Albert Nobbs helps us all understand that sometimes what we think is a dysfunctional exterior actually holds profound inner truth.

What Do You Say to Nelson Cruz?

Can a missed catch teach us something about resilience?

Believing It Gets Better

American School in London (ASL) Valedictorian and Princeton Freshman Charlie Marsh shares his journey of redemption and recovery.

Convincing the Stubborn to Accept Mental Health Care

Have you tried EVERYTHING to get your loved one to go to a psychologist/psychiatrist? Here are some thoughts Julie Hersh has collected after talking to thousands of people in her talks about depression.

Music as a Healing Instrument and Barometer

Can music tell us something about another person's emotional state?

Introspection: A Key Ingredient for Mental Health

Can meditation, journaling or prayer be important in battling depression? Julie Hersh adds a 7th component to her Top Six ways of staying well.

Freshman Year of College: Danger Zone for Mental Health

Some universities have made great strides in support of student mental health.

Innovation: An Antidote for Depression

Words of wisdom from Steve Jobs inspire others to take a chance.

Dump the Shame, Not the Pills

Can behavior modification completely remove the need for psychiatric medicine?

Becoming an Orphan

My mother passed away in March of this year. Although this is different than my typical blog about depression, I thought a number of people might connect with this piece. Let me know. If I get enough of a response I may write more about this.

Linehan Leads the Way for Honesty in Clinical Practice

What is the impact of Dr. Marsha Linehan's openness about her own mental illness on those who suffer from mental illness?

Watching Out for the Gorilla

How well do you know your teens in your practice or in your home?

Next to Normal Take II

Is love insane? Next to Normal captures the tension mental illness brings to relationships.

Flourishing with Help from Marty

Is Flourish the answer or a NBA win?

The Necessary Glue for Wellness

How does one stay well?

Why? The Enigma for Those Left Behind from Suicide

More stories from the 2011 American Association of Suicidology. Why does a father with young children take his life?

Spalding Gray: The Power of a Dandelion

Spalding Gray's description of his mother's suicide makes a deep connection at the American Association of Suicidology.