Breaking Free from the Myth of Independence

Healthy dependency is a part of every loving relationship.

Enlightened Self-Interest

The most successful couples don’t “give to get” in a co-dependent way, but rather give their care and support to each other from a well that is already full.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Relationships

Outliers in the Realm of Relationship

The Direct Path to Self-Awareness

One of the underlying objectives of psychotherapy is to bring our shadow into conscious awareness so that we can come to terms with ourselves with greater self-acceptance.

Thinking About Getting Marriage Counseling?

There are few if any couples who have been together any amount of time who have managed to successfully avoid any of the many pitfalls that that are inherent in committed partnerships.

Downsizing Your Attachments to Preferences

When the real life situations of our relationships don't correspond to our cherished pictures, we may think that the relationship isn't working.

Humbled: The Price of Wisdom

Just as the stock and real estate markets at times need to experience "corrections" when commodities and properties become over-valued, that same thing can happen to us humans.

The Hidden Cost of Fitting In

Here's a story that you may have heard, but its message is timeless and it bears repeating.

Why You Can’t Always “Just do it.”

Unless you’re very unlike most people, you’ve had the experience of failing to do what you really wanted to do not once or twice but countless times in your life.

The Price of Success

As you probably know, J. Paul Getty was one of the wealthiest and most successful American industrialists in history. Fiercely ambitious from an early age, Getty made his first million at age 23 in 1916. He later went on to found the Getty oil company.

Non-Reactive Listening

Jules and Sue came into marriage counseling clueless as to why there was so much pain and suffering in their relationship. After listening to each of them describe their situation however, it became quite obvious what the problem was.

It's Not the Differences That Are the Problem

The next best thing to preventing conflict is having the skills to manage differences effectively. Differences are inevitable in relationships; conflict is optional.

Do Relationships Really Have To Be This Hard?

One of the most frequent questions that we hear from people is “Why is it that creating good relationships requires so much work? If it’s so natural for us to love one another, shouldn’t it be easier than this?”

The Epidemic of Gray Divorces

Many of these gray divorces may be necessary if the partners are genuinely mismatched, another group of them may be giving up simply because they don’t have the necessary vision and tools to grow their relationship into something that can provide for their deeper needs.

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn"

One of the great things about traveling, especially the kind of travel that takes you to far away places where people have customs, practices, beliefs and values that are different from your own, is that you get to see how different people can be in some ways and how similar we are in others.