Finding Your Flock

People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” - Helen Keller

Working on Your Relationship Is an Inside Job

Confused. Conflicted. Mixed feelings. These are terms that are used to describe the feeling of an inner conflict between two perspectives that are at odds with each other.

25 Ways You Can Show Respect to Your Partner

A great relationship requires a high level of respect on the part of both partners.

Why Settle for Something Good?

Getting by, or getting to OK, rather than to great, is easier, less demanding, and requires less effort than going for the gold.

Don't Underestimate The Value Of Failure

As a boy in New Zealand, Edmund Hillary dreamed of becoming a mountain climber and as a young man, he set his sights on Mount Everest.

If You Have Good Self-Esteem, You Don’t Need Validation

Some people are more self-referential than others. There is no right or wrong about this; it’s only a matter of style.

The Surprising Answer to “What’s Missing”

Play, according to Dr. Brown is more than engagement with a specific activity or game, but rather it’s a state of mind that can be experienced in any aspect of our lives.

Recovering From Infidelity Part 4

The 40 repair steps one committed couple used for success.

Can You Ever Affair-Proof a Relationship?

When we hold our partner responsible for taking away our loneliness and making us happy, she will be likely to feel turned off by our efforts to coerce attention from her.

Recovery From Infidelity Part 3

In the investigation that Simon and Davey embarked upon, they looked into the contributing factors that led to their infidelities.

Recovery From Infidelity Part 2

This is the story of Simon and Davey, a story of broken trust due to affairs on both their parts.

Recovery from Betrayal and Infidelity Part I

We’ve lost count of the number of times that we have heard from those who have been unfaithful in their partnerships, that “if I’d known then what I know now..."

How Important Is Sex? Part 2

There can come a time when there is recognition that the sexual aspect of our relationship needs a boost.

The Spirit of Generosity Part 2

When my husband says he loves me, I sometimes say, “Give me the details.”

How Important is Sex? Part 1

Keeping sexual passion alive and healthy is critical to sustaining an enduring and fulfilling partnership.

The Spirit of Generosity Part 1

If you have been in a working partnership for any length of time, you will have discovered that true love requires sacrifice and a spirit of generosity.

To Punish or to Teach?

How we handle mistakes can make a difference.

Grit and How to Grow It

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

The Grudge Holder and the Guilt Catcher

For several years, this couple had a moderate level of satisfaction in their marriage even though they lived a financially marginal lifestyle.

What’s The Best Thing to Do to Make More Money?

I am a romantic. I believe that people should marry for love, but I am also practical. If being married will assist in the process of being financially fit, I’m all for it.

Having an Impact on Others

On the first day of school, she said to the class, “My name is Miss Jean Nelson, and I love you all the same.” But it wasn’t exactly true.

Island Wisdom

Even if you can't move to an island, small changes can help you live happily, in the moment.

The Art of Subtle Seduction, Part 2

He recognized his partner as a work in progress, rather than a fixed entity. He stopped taking her for granted.

Mastering the Art of Subtle Seduction Part 1

Mary and Jordan are a couple I worked with fell into a pattern of avoiding sex...

Myth of the Perfect Partner

Mary and Jordan are a couple I worked with fell into a pattern of avoiding sex because Jordan had come on too strong, too directly, without setting a context for love-making.

What's Most Important When Choosing a Partner

You may have a list of characteristics of the partner of your dreams, but it probably doesn't include everything you need for a fulfilling relationship.

Recovering From Adversity

When life bruises and wounds us, we can use even the scratches to etch a portrait of beauty and charm.

This Could Be the Biggest Threat to Your Relationship

It's often referred to as "the invisible addiction."

Post Traumatic Growth

Those of us who struggle with trauma, find that rising to the challenge reveals our hidden abilities that were formerly untapped.