In the last post, we talked about the bad habit of mindless eating and how to avoid it. In this post, we will talk about two other habits you need to avoid if you want to lose weight. They are:

Habit #2: Regularity of Eating

A common problem in losing or maintaining weight is the false idea that the more frequently you eat, the more you are likely to gain. As a result, many people skip breakfast or other meals as a way to control their weight. They do not realize that this is actually harmful to their weight loss goals for several reasons, including lowered blood sugar and mental justification.


Habit # 3: Completely Avoid Certain Foods

There are certain foods pretty much every diet plan recommends against, which you will be much better off for simply avoiding. To learn what these foods are and why you should avoid them - and to learn why skipping meals can have negative effects on your weight loss - check out my book, Four Truths About Weight Loss That Nobody Tells Younow available for purchase in Kindle or Hard Copy. - Or click Here to learn more and to download a Free copy of the Introduction and Chapter 1.

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