Trump’s Age of Anxiety: Worries Pile Up, Health Will Go Down

If you're feeling especially stressed lately, you aren't alone. National surveys show an unprecedented rise in anxiety. Health consequences are likely but there are options.

Why Are Teens So Stressed and What Can Break the Cycle?

Dramatic increases in teen stress are fueled by a broader stress epidemic. We need to understand both to break this cycle.

Cartoon Villains, Stress, and Health: Kim and The Donald

The war of words: "fire and fury" and "sea of flames" may be empty threats (we hope), but even so, the stress from fear and uncertainty will harm health for years to come.

Dealing with Stress at School in an Age of Anxiety

A stress epidemic threatens students' learning and mental health. Understanding the sources can help teachers, leaders, and parents create a culture of reslience at school.
Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Trump’s Era of Anxiety Is Harming the Nation’s Health

Is our health threatened by the Trump Age of Anxiety? Here's how - and how to fight back.
Stressed and Worried/Bhernandez from Miami/CC BY 2.0

Surviving the Stress Tsunami in the Age of Trump

Are you stressed, worried, or anxious about the country's direction? There are protective actions you can take.