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Four Reasons Why Potential Patients Do Not Seek Treatment

It is common to blame individuals for not seeking professional help, but it is likely not their fault. Mental health providers are more to blame for being poor at marketing.
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Not Talkative? Not Emotional? That’s Okay, and Here’s Why.

If you have PTSD, when you talk about your traumatic memories, do you fall into the categories of Expressive, Avoidant, Undemonstrative, or Fabricated?

Have You Lost Your Mind? Part 2

Claims that stress and trauma can be toxic and permanently change your brain are false. The real story of brain differences and the development of PTSD.

Trauma-Informed Approaches: The Good and the Bad

Trauma-informed lens, toolkits, and approaches are all the rage. But how do these improve our lives, and how have they overreached into the undesirable sphere of truthiness?
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Have You Lost Your Mind?

Scientists and journalists make claims that stress and trauma are toxic to the brain, but the claims are based on flawed studies.
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What is PTSD Exactly?

Back to the basics for understanding PTSD.
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Stress Is Not Trauma

If you experienced a stressful event, is that the same as a traumatic event? The distinction is important, and one's beliefs about it may depend on one's motivations.

Are You Traumatized?

The different uses of the terms trauma and traumatized are confusing. Here's one way to think about them.
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The World of Stress of Trauma

The model of relying on clinicians for best practices around stress and trauma deserves a polite burial.