How Do We Laugh in Times of Tragedy?

How do standup comics make people laugh in times of tragedy? In this article, comic Judy Carter recalls what happened in a show after 9/11

Healing Through Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your life is? What your essential life message is? Your life message is in the stories you tell.

The New Best Remedy for Health Is a Dog

In California dogs are doing rounds at hospitals. Can a dog heal patients? Here is a personal story about a therapy dog showing that a dog can be the best medicine. Read more...

5 Writing Tips for Breaking Through Procrastination

Procrastinating about writing? Is your creativity block? Guess what? Professional writers are just as anxious as you are and often use shame to fuel their creativity. Read on…

Carrie Fisher: Turning Problems into Punchlines

Carrie Fisher was able to turn mental illness into a career. In so doing, she helped so many “come out” about their own secrets. Can laughter really help heal mental illness?

How to Deal With PTSD–Post Trump Stress Disorder

Are you having the post-election flare ups? Ready to snap at anyone who voted differently? A personal story about how a Hillary supporter dealt with Post Trump Stress Disorder

Having Election Anxiety? You Are Not Alone!

If you’re finding that your emotional well-being is challenged by this presidential election, you are not alone. Therapists report "Trump Anxiety" among clients. The cure? Read on.

12 Tips to Remedy Seasonal Depression

As fall comes, so do the fall blues. Maybe that's why they picked September as National Suicide Prevention Month. Here are 12 tips on how to ward off seasonal depression.

Four Steps to Find New Business Opportunities

Need more clients or a new career? No matter what your age, opportunity might be outside your front door. Here are four steps to turn a casual encounter into business opportunity.

3 Steps to Find a Business Mentor for Free

Therapists get this all the time. Someone, under the guise of friendship wants you to solve their problems over a cobb salad. Isn’t that why you have an office?

Outlaw immigrants? Then No Baklava for Trump!

Lawmakers should abide by the laws they create. Let’s have guns at the GOP Convention and no free healthcare for Congress.

How Depression Can Move On

The new coming out is coming out about struggles with depression. Here, Judy realizes that depression can lead to empathy, past trauma, & even make you funnier.. Read on

Do We Have Any Control Over Depression?

In Part 3 of this epic downer of a comic dealing with a depression that makes Kafka look cheery, we find out if one can control depression by doing good deeds. Read on...

When Depression Visits and Stays

What happens when depression comes and it seems that there is nothing you can do to make it leave? Here is a personal experience of dealing with an unwanted guest – Mr. D.

Sad Day When Your Prince Dies

Prince's death has shocked us all. When I was Prince's opening act, I learned firsthand why Prince was such a prince. Here's the story ...

Are Comedians More Depressed?

Is depression a necessity to be funny? After Robin Williams’ suicide, we learned the line between comedy and tragedy is blurry. Here is how one comedienne handled her depression.

Can Laughter Be an Antibiotic for Pain?

Have you ever had a horrible day? A day that’s so horrible it’s funny? What is it exactly that turns life’s problems into punch lines?

Spontaneous Remission: Fact or Fiction?

Can the mind heal an incurable, fatal medical illness?

6 Tips to Negotiate a Speaking Contract

Speaking is a great way to earn some extra money AND get new clients. Here are 6 questions to need to ask when negotiating a speaking contract so you don't blow it.

How to Be an Expert on TV? Get Funny!

Whether you are a therapist or a patient—TV needs experts. And being funny helps. Here's 5 Simple Steps to being Funny in Media Appearances.

The Danger of Carbs

If the only thing you fit into from high school is your high school earrings, you will want to read tips on how to not overeat during the holidays.

How to Survive the Paris Terrorist Attack

After happened in Paris, I drank a half bottle of wine, ate carbs, and didn’t want to come out of bed. But, in an ordinary day, an act of kindness changed everything. Here is my very personal blog about how terrorism affects us and the choices we can make not to sink into a depression.

The Secret of Effective Speaking Skills from Trump

If you can bear listening to the candidates running for the presidency, you might have noticed that they are in competition with who has had the most difficult, impoverished childhoods. Here's how having a wretched childhood can help you connect with others and become president of the United States.

Using Humor to Lighten Up Your Workplace

Want to get laughs without getting fired? Here are six rules for telling jokes that are SFW- Safe For Work!

47 Tips For Public Speaking

Want to get paid to speak? Here are 47 tips, ideas, and insights I've compiled from some of the most successful speakers today that will help grow your business...

Turning Life’s Messes Into Successes

Having a bad day? Depressed? Here's a way to look at your day differently and turn your messes into successes.

Funny… or Bullying?

In his Comedy Central special, Ari Shaffir viciously took on a female comic for being fat and having only one arm - even mentioning her by her full name. Is this comedy or bullying? Is this OK? What are your thoughts?

Five Tips to Get More Clients When Networking

We all get a bit nervous when networking. Learn 5 must have tips to expand your client base when networking from media coach Gina Rubinstein.

The Non-Committal RSVP

Are you having trouble getting people to commit to showing up? I’m impressed with the two convicted convicts who escaped from a NY prison. I know they are horrible and dangerous. Still, I admire their ability to get a plan together and stick with it. Obviously, they are not from LA.

Thinking About Hiring a Virtual Assistant? Read This!

Virtual Assistant? More like Gone Girl. If you are thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, this will give you a laugh and a warning...