How to Protect Kids From a Borderline/Narcissistic Parent

If you're co-parenting with a high conflict narcissistic/borderline parent, you have a responsibility to minimize the damage emotional abuse can do. This series will show you how.

How to Be a Great Pal to Your Borderline Friend

Having a friend with a mental illness like borderline personality disorder takes a bit more time. You'll want to learn about the disorder and be aware of the common pitfalls.

Author Claims Borderline Disorder Behavior is "Sinful"

A Christian therapist/author writes that's "God’s Word holds the solution and his Spirit alone can heal the havoc of BPD." Sure....

Therapists Confirm Trump's Narcissistic Personality Disorder

People with narcissistic personality disorder think that they are deeply important and special. They constantly need admiration and flattery to feel good about themselves. They sometimes also struggle to look at others as anything more than just extensions of themselves, which often times can lead to control issues and abuse. Do we want a president with this disorder?

Does Donald Trump Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Now that the GOP debates have settled down, let's put Donald Trump on the couch. Is he just a narcissistic, or does he display full-blown narcissistic personality disorder?

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Boss

Narcissistic bosses need constant reminders that they are the “best,” the “brightest,” the “richest,” or anything that feels one-up to those around them. If you have such a boss, you will naturally feel miserable. It’s the human response to being treated as an inferior. The trick is to learn how to “manage” this boss, until you can permanently get away from him or her.

What It’s Like to Live With Borderline Personality Disorder

"I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder when I was 14. Because I fear abandonment, I instinctually don’t trust anyone. I’m 23 years old, and I have yet to give my trust to anyone outside of my family."

"Should I Believe What the Internet Says About Borderlines?"

"I have read things on the Internet and I am worried that being my boyfriend or family member is a form of torture (although my current boyfriend assures me he likes being with me). Am I really like those people?"

Sex and the Single Borderline Woman

The Buddha and the Borderline is a cross between "Girl, Interrupted" and "Bridget Jones’s Diary." She is much more than a ‘lonely and increasingly horny receptionist,’ as she says in the book. Her insights into the world of the borderline mind are as funny as they are revealing.

New Film Features a Borderline Woman Who Starts a TV Show

When Alice wins the Mega-Millions lottery in the new film "Welcome to Me," she quits her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show hoping to be the next Oprah.

Finally, An Online Group For Kids With a Borderline Parent!

Kids need support for the puzzling things going on in their life. Until now, there was nowhere to go to have a borderline parent. Now, thanks to the Personality Disorders Awareness Network, there are place they can go.

The "Lightbulb Effect"

"Over the next three weeks I read the book "The Verbally Abusive Relationship." I was astounded at how accurately it portrayed our relationship. I saw us on nearly every single page. What a wake-up call! For the first time, I saw your behavior for what it was. More importantly, I saw that I didn't deserve to be treated that way."

Misdiagnosis of Men With Borderline Personality Disorder

Like women with BPD, men may come from troubled pasts and unstable relationships. At age 3, borderline football star Brandon Marshall witnessed his father nearly beat his mother to death—for the first time. He also lived with his father's drug use and vicious assaults toward women.

Treatment for Borderline Disorder May Reduce Distortions

My teenage sister was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. We have a difficult relationship, and sometimes I feel like interacting with her is just not worth the trouble. For example, I have caught her lying on too many occasions to count, and she always makes excuses. Now, she blames it on her psychological problems. Can lying be treated?

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

It often seems that a thin line exists between love and hate, and now scientists think they know why. Brain scans of people shown images of individuals they hated revealed a pattern of brain activity that partly occurs in areas also activated by romantic love. This linkage may account for why love and hate are so closely linked to each other in life.

Don't Give Your Power to Others

To claim our power means learning to live consciously, taking responsibility for ourselves and choices, building self-esteem, and asking directly for our needs and wants. As we learn to express ourselves honestly and set boundaries and say no, we create safety and mutual respect, allowing our partner to do the same.

Surviving a Marriage to a Narcissist and Sociopath

"My story isn't one where I was thrown into walls, had broken bones, teeth shattered, or clothing torn off of me in fits of rage. My abuse was sinister. I met him at age 16; he was 22. I was enamored by his gregarious personality and his sharp green eyes. The relationship was intense from the beginning and just as possessive."

Resources for People With Borderline Personality Disorder

This is a space for people with borderline personality disorder who have specific suggestions about how they recovered or what specifically helped them, including sites, blogs, books, and more. Please focus on recovery.

Tactics for Facing a Pit Bull Attorney in Divorce Court

Negative-advocate attorneys escalate their cases and take most of their case activity to court. They formally adopt a splitting approach, acting as if their clients do no wrong and you do no right.

Online Seminar for People Living With Narcissists

Whether you are living with, dealing with, in love with, or leaving a narcissist—this workshop will offer the essential tools necessary for understanding and dealing with this complex syndrome, its impact on relationships, family, children, and, most importantly, on your sense of self.

When Divorcing, Don't Hire a Pit Bull Attorney

Many think that when they divorce they need to find a lawyer who is a “fighter,” or “pit bull.” You do want someone who will fight for you, but someone who wields the truth, savvy and true caring, not sharp teeth.

Dietz's DBT Site Has Helped Thousands of Borderline Folks

"Staying active with the site has been a real gift. It has allowed me to remain active in DBT and be reminded of the skills to make my life a life worth living. This has been the most gratifying work I have ever done. It has become more than I could have ever imagined."

The Faces of Male Borderline Personality Disorder

We have so much information about women with borderline personality disorder. But men too can suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity, and enormous self doubt that can compromise the stability of their intimate relationships. Because we've tended to stereotype men as the 'tough ones,' we've missed the boat on understanding the complexity of their inner world.

Healing for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Daughters of narcissistic mothers often fear if they tell their therapist the truth about their moms that they may not be believed. They'll say something like, "She makes Joan Crawford look like a saint."

From a Past Rooted in Pain, "Still You Will Rise"

The late, great Maya Angelou says that everyone in the world on one night or another has gone to bed with fear, with pain, or with loss or disappointment. Yet wherever each of us shows compassion for the other—and ourselves—we have found a way to rise. There is a nobleness of the human spirit in everyone everywhere, especially those who feel stereotyped or bullied.

Test: Are You a Codependent Man?

To a larger degree than women, men are frequently taught as children to “bear troubles, suck it up and move on." Showing much emotion or feeling or asking for help is seen by many as a weakness in a man. Feeling one thing and showing the world something different is a way of life for a codependent. This charade has a tendency to get old.

Helping Caregivers Support Conventional Borderlines

Some people with borderline personality disorder, the "conventional" type found in the mental health setting, need a great deal of support from friends and family. Often that loving, trusting support is critical to their recovery. But in order to keep giving, you need to replenish yourself. And sometimes your family member may object to that. Stay strong!

The Roller Coaster Ride of Loving Someone with BPD

Sometimes among the arguments, the fits of anger and rage, the distrust, the paranoia, the mood swings, it seems like my girlfriend is a completely different person. I find myself asking, "Where has the girl I fell in love with gone? Throughout the bad phases I see a flicker of the old her. The person I remember months ago. The person I fell for.

Gaining Support When You Have a Troubled Adult Child

When a child has cancer or a chronic illness, family and friends typically step in and bring meals and offer support. But if your child struggles with an addiction or mental illness, parents see their phones go silent, and no one brings meals by or offers you any support at all. You’re on your own. But you can speak up and explain what you need to your support community.

Scholarships for Treatment of Borderline Disorder

Any person applying for the scholarship must meet the DSM -V criteria for BPD without psychosis. All candidates must have a willingness to change, make a 90 day commitment to the program, and be willing to see a psychiatrist and follow a treatment plan. Applicants may contact the Meehl Foundation at to request an intake application.