A Valentine's Day Love Story: Husbands and Dads

Fighting for the equal right to legal marriage was hard. It was nearly as hard to fight the internalized stereotypes to become parents. Along the way, they found their resilience.

Helping Young Gay/Bi Men of Color to Stay HIV-Negative

If nothing changes, the CDC projects that 50 percent of African-American, and 25 percent of Hispanic/Latino, gay and bisexual men will become infected with HIV in their lifetime.

Choosing to Let in the Light, Even in Winter's Gloom

Winter can be a grim time of cold, snow, and hassle. Or we can choose to let in the light and heed its lessons.

Shut Down the Bully In Your Mind With Positive Self-Talk

Even bullies' barbs and stones can't bring you down when you heed your own positive self-talk.
John-Manuel Andriote/photo

Resolved for 2018: Choose Your Words Well

The language we use to tell our personal stories, especially to ourselves, contributes to our resilience--or undermines us.

Reducing Hard Candy Christmases, One Family At a Time

Teaching parents that sexual orientation is about more than sex is a key to supporting their gay kids.

For World AIDS Day: Claiming Our Community's Power

There is strength, and resilience, in community. Gay men in the AIDS epidemic built an awesome community.

Redefining 'Old' For Ourselves

As we ripen like apples in autumn, the resilience we develop by coming out can help us age gracefully.
John-Manuel Andriote

Claiming Our Gay 'Heroic Legacy' in LGBT History Month

Gay men's heroism in the AIDS years redefined what "gay" means. It's up to each of us to claim the power of the legacy for ourselves.

Why You Should Come Out For National Coming Out Day 10/11

Coming out as gay is personal and political. It's also a powerful boost for your health.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Think all gay men are drug-addled, sex-crazed, risk-taking hedonists? Think again this LGBT History Month.

Claiming Our Own 'Resistance' for LGBT History Month

If we only see the tragedies of our history, we miss the heroism--especially our own.

For National Gay Men's HIV-AIDS Awareness Day 09/27/2017

Thirty-six years since HIV first began killing gay men, it's high time to re-think why we are still its main targets.