Sellers on the website are offering amulets to win back lost loves. The Shanghai Daily reports that about 563 merchants on that website are earning hundreds of thousands of yuan each month just by selling these amulets to people desperate to win back their former sweethearts.

 The buyer keeps the amulet, does not give it to the lost love. After purchasing one, these website merchants say that the lost love will start to recall the fond memories of times the two lovers spent together. Then, 15 to 49 days later, the lost love will suddenly start calling or texting the buyer at bedtime each night. The buyer and the lost love will then rekindle their romance and they will not remember anything unpleasant about their initial romance or the breakup.

 But, there is a disclaimer: the amulet does not work unless the owner continues to believe it will. Do the merchants offer a 60 day refund window? It works for some people but not for others; the website has good reviews from many of its happy amulet customers, now back with their lost loves.

 Wow! What a good deal for the lost loves, and so much profit for the merchants! Why didn't I think of that?!

(do not write to me... I am joking)

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