Lost love themes have always permeated popular culture, from novels to films to TV shows; now it has a high price tag! An Associated Press article by Jamie Stengle reports that Neiman Marcus is offering his and hers watches with a lost love theme in their holiday catalogue.

The "Christmas Book", as it is now called, has always included expensive "fantasy" items (fantasy for the average person, but there are people who do buy these items).

And the price of these Van Cleef and Arpels timepieces?... $1,090,000. Now, you may think that is too much to pay for two watches, but wait! You also get a trip to Paris and Geneva!

On one watch face, a woman is depicted at the Eiffel Tower looking toward Notre Dame Cathedral; the other timepiece shows a man at Notre Dame gazing toward the Eiffel Tower. It is reported that the "figures on both watches move." Are they jumping off their timepieces trying to reunite? I don't know.

 Being a lost love researcher, this concept is intriguing to me. If anyone would like to contribute to a fund to buy these watches for me, that would be very thoughtful of you.

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