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These cheating wives challenge all our easy assumptions about female sexuality.

Understanding Skirt Club

Can an all-women's sex party help us understand our deeper selves?

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The Flexuality of Wealthy Women

Bicurious? The fluid sexuality of wealthy women.
Say No to Crack

Four Surprising Winter Habits That Are Making You SAD

With four small changes, you can go from SAD to resilient this season

Relevant Psychoanalysis: "What Does This Email Mean?"

More and more, patients bring their iPhones into therapy sessions. And their longing, too. Here's how smart shrinks handle it...

Deals, Divorce, Direction: Off-Label Uses for Psychoanalysis

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Think you know why people send their kids to sleep away camp? Think again.

The One Topic American Parents Need to Discuss but Aren't

What our kids fail to learn when we do everything in our power to keep them safe all the time...

Why Do We Send Photos of Our Kids as Holiday Cards?

Ever wonder why everyone sends those holiday cards with pictures of their kids every year? Or why you do it yourself? The answer might surprise you....

Everything You Think About Mothers and Childhood Is Wrong

The ethnographic data is clear: there's a better way to raise our kids. One simple change will make them and their parents much happier.

Step Back, Stand Down, Befriend Your Kid's College Advisor

Standing back and letting your child succeed—or fail—is no easy thing. Some parents have never done it by the time college applications roll around. And what happens next isn't pretty.

Feathers and Fendi: Understanding Fashion Week

Fashion Week may seem uniquely postmodern and post industrial, a mere "symptom" of consumer culture. But it isn't. In fact, it draws heavily from other endurance rites, including those of indigenous cultures

What's Behind America's Current Juice Cleanse Craze?

Privileged Manhattanites are practicing secret rites with potent and magical elixirs packaged for them by shamans.

Menstruation: The View from Anthropology

Menstruation is both a biological reality and a cultural rite. There's the rub! Here are some surprising truths about a highly taboo topic....
The Pressures of Privileged Motherhood—Kate as Case Study

The Pressures of Privileged Motherhood—Kate as Case Study

The rich are different. So are the stresses they face when they give birth and raise children. Kate Middleton as case study.

It's Different for Stepmothers

Women are more likely to struggle as stepparents than men are. Here's why...and what to do about it.

From Mennonite to Manhattanite

This minister/author believes that it's all about relationships...and that it's time to revise religion

Why Religion Must Evolve

In the first century the apostle Paul instructed women to keep silent in church; in the twelfth century priests were forbidden to marry. Now what?

This New Year, Surprising Resolutions for Stepparents

Stepfamilies aren't first families. And stepparents aren't parents. Resolved: it's time to reject the Big Lies about stepfamily life that hamper millions of couples and kids every day.
Deconstructing (Electronic) Infidelity

Deconstructing (Electronic) Infidelity

Email is a powerful, seductive and potentially cruel mistress. Just ask the players in l'affaire Petraeus.

'Binders Full of Women'

In this debate, the women wore fuchsia. And what the candidates said about women, and how they said it, said a lot.

Girls Gone Wild? Why Pussy Riot Matters

Pussy Riot is talking about an alt-punk-rock-fourth-wave-feminist pussy revolution...whatever that is.

Helen Gurley Brown, Post-Feminist It Girl

Helen Gurley Brown effected a seismic cultural shift by insisting that the Single Girl was as modern, revolutionary and important as the space program.

Reading Olympic Bodies

When it comes to the Olympics, there is no shortage of astonishingly honed bodies doing incredible, improbable things for us to admire. Along with their remarkable stamina, talent and commitment, it is the athletes’ bodies that mesmerize.

Mary Richardson Kennedy, Stepmonster?

RFK Jr. alleges that his wife was a mentally ill, physically abusive, alcoholic. But to get custody, he resorted to using the lowest blow of all: wicked stepmother.

Endless Summer: A Disco Diva's Enduring Lesson about Female Sexuality

How a single song helped change the way we think about sex.

Fifty States of Grey

Are we one nation under S&M? Fifty Shades of Grey suggests that maybe the female mainstream is kinky.

Deconstructing Rush: What Really Motivated His Rant about Sluts

What does it really mean when a man calls a woman "slut"? How do we understand the impulse to punish, banish, and humiliate sexual women publicly? Rush Limbaugh's recent rant begs the questions — and our evolutionary prehistory suggests some unexpected answers.

Food Suddenly Feels Perilous, Here's Comfort for Those With Allergies and Intolerances

Six million kids have food allergies–40 percent of them life-threatening–and one in 133 Americans has a diagnosis of celiac disease. Millions more have wheat allergies or gluten intolerance. Now what?