Why the Clinical Use of Psychedelics May Heal Sexual Trauma

Recent research indicates that psychedelics can assist in healing sexual trauma by increasing the personality trait of openness to new experiences.

Beyond 50 Shades Darker: Debunking Popular Myths About BDSM

With the upcoming release of "Fifty Shades Darker," groundbreaking new research challenges stereotypes about BDSM participants portrayed in the "Fifty Shades" trilogy.

Why Personality Holds the Key to Understanding Sexuality

Research shows that sexuality is often correlated to personality characteristics.

Why Growth Most Often Occurs When We Fall Apart

An introduction to the theory of positive disintegration and why adversity is so important in developing character.

Analysis: How the AASECT Sex Addiction Statement Was Created

An Insider's Perspective Behind the Scenes of AASECT's Historic Sex Addiction Statement.

AASECT Releases Historic Position Statement on Sex Addiction

AASECT, the national sex therapy certifying organization releases a groundbreaking position statement about the sex addiction model.

BDSM as Harm Reduction

Research indicates that BDSM behavior can be used as a harm reduction intervention to provide positive mental health benefits.

Can Society Exist Without Authoritarianism?

Despite much social progress, authoritarianism continues to exist. Studies show authoritarian traits are common. We must ask ourselves "Can society exist without authoritarianism?"

Why the Sex Addiction Model Is Not a Humanistic Approach

Plenty of evidence suggests that harm reduction psychotherapy provides a more humanistic alternative to sex addiction treatment.

When Porn Consumption Goes Up, Sex Crimes Go Down

Contrary to media hysteria, research shows that when porn consumption goes up, sex crimes go down.

When It Comes to Sex, How Do We Know What's Really 'Normal'?

Recent research shows that, when it comes to sex, people are kinkier than we realize.

How Social Constructionism Created the Sex Addiction Model

An ideological belief in the malleability of sexuality has given rise to the sex addiction movement.

Why Attachment Theory Is All Sizzle and No Steak

Attachment theory is a helpful research tool, but in clinical practice it imposes arbitrary, moralistic societal standards on relational and sexual desires.

Why "Eroticized Rage" Is a Nonsense Concept

'Eroticized rage' is a popular concept in sex addiction circles, but it is merely biased sex-negative moralism disguised as psychoanalytic jargon.

Enough With the Trauma Reductionism!

Psychology as a field has veered too far towards a social constructionist lens, placing too much emphasis on the effects of trauma, especially when it comes to sexuality.

Why Every Psychotherapist Needs to Understand Sociology

Psychology on its own presents too skewed of a perspective to truly understand the entirety of human behavior. It must be counterbalanced by other disciplines, such as sociology.

Are You Aware of Your Therapist's Biases? You Should Be

Many people seeking psychotherapy for their sexuality struggles are looking for an impartial expert, but all therapists are still influenced by their own personal biases.

Yes, It Is Time to Finally Move on From Sex Addiction

A new clinical model for the treatment of out of control sexual behavior appears to suggest that the sex addiction model is approaching its expiration date.

No, You Cannot Eradicate a Fetish

Evidence says fetishes can't be eliminated through psychotherapy, but many mental health practitioners still use harmful and antiquated techniques.

Sexuality Is Much More Fluid Than You Think

How fluid is sexuality? A lot more than you may think.

Reflections on the 1st Annual Alt Sex NYC Conference

The 1st Annual AltSex NYC Conference was held last Fri April 22, and here are my reflections on the highlights and implications of this historic event.