Larry Nassar, Jerry Sandusky, and the Catholic Church

How sexual predators take advantage of institutions to corral their victims.

Narcissist or Psychopath—How Can You Tell?

We hear the terms all the time, but what is the difference?

On the Las Vegas Mass Killing and Motives

After every horrific event we look for motives. Sometimes what we should be looking for are pathologies.

Trust: The Key to Social Harmony

At the foundation of all great relationships whether at home or at work lies trust.

How Narcissists Really Think

A look at how the narcissistic personality sees the world around them and how they make us feel.

"Believe Me"

The salesperson says, "Believe me." Should you? Some thoughts from the forensic files.

Spying the Spy: 50 Must-Ask Questions to Ask a Suspected Spy

With all the inquiries about foreign intelligence and the Russians, here are the questions I would ask as a former counterintelligence agent.

Three Keys to Getting Along

The Three A's of Making Friends and Getting Along.

What Is the Importance of Nonverbal Communications?

Why study nonverbals? Because as you will see, they matter more than we think.

Making Sense of FBI Director James Comey's Testimony

Too often we talk about politicians talking to Russian as though there were no threat—there is always a threat with Putin in charge.

Lessons From The Abyss

Valuable lessons in dealing with those suffering from Alzheimer's.
California Superior Court

10 Fleeting Behaviors That Reveal So Much

Sometimes the most fleeting ephemeral behaviors are the ones that reveal what is really in the heart and the mind.

Chirality: A Look at Emotional Asymmetry of The Face

The face sometimes reveals multiple emotions at once—here is a look at emotional asymmetry of the face.

The Paranoid Partner

When there is more than suspicion in a relationship—the dangers of the paranoid personality in a relationship

Eggshell Relationships

How can you recognize an emotionally unstable personality before he or she harms you?

Ten Persuasive Behaviors For Meetings

Everyone has advice for best behaviors to use in meetings—here are ten suggestions that are not often discussed yet are highly influential.

On Wound Collectors

What do many mass murderers have in common? Something many see but fail to recognize in advance.

10 Techniques For Overcoming Speaker's Anxiety

We have all experienced the nervousness and anxiety of having to speak in public. Here are ten easy ways professional speakers overcome the jitters.

Identifying The Next Mass Murderer—Before It’s Too Late

We average 20 mass murders a year—what can be done?

Tongue Juts

Why do we do tongue juts - they don't really benefit us? Perhaps there is a benefit - honesty.

To Kiss Or To Hug

Traveling to Paris? Here is a little insight into social greetings.

Why We Hate It When People Invade Our Space

Why exercising social intelligence matters and why it can dominate a news cycle

Psychopathy and Mass Movements

The predators that join mass movements and terrorist organizations

Ten Ways to Keep Family Members From Ruining Your Holidays

Don't let family members ruin your holiday festivities.

20 Clues To Toxic Bosses

When bosses make us feel bad - even sick - but we don't know why: This 20 item checklist will help.

12 Things Narcissists Think

How Narcissists view themselves - 12 surprising answers

9 Truths Exposing a Myth About Body Language

Arm Crossing - we all do it and it means more than you think

Facial Denting

Why would we ever intentionally dent our own faces?
What Can You Learn About Someone From Just a Photo?

What Can You Learn About Someone From Just a Photo?

We love to analyze photos of friends or even politicians but are they always reliable in letting us know what people are thinking, feeling, desiring, or intending?

Why Predators Are Attracted to Careers in the Clergy

15 reasons why predators seek careers in the clergy.