NO MORE: 7 Lessons from the Inside

With the long overdue awareness of dating and sexual violence finally being raised with No More public service announcements and greater media attention in general, this offers some recommendations to help prevention really hit its mark.

NFL Responds to Pressure Regarding Domestic Violence.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell set forth stricter sanctions for athletes involved with domestic violence, but may have swung the pendulum too far with a system that could lead to athletes losing their livelihood without due process.

Sports Are Getting More Violent? Are Ya Kiddin'?

Is our society promoting violent athletes? Have we tolerated violence in sport entirely too long? If change is to be had, action must be taken. Early and often, accountability is key.

Football is Different…Admit It

From Richard Sherman to Friday Night Tykes, Football Shows a Side of Humanity that Many Want to Deny. It is a complex sport where we see violence and a different set of rules than society normally accepts. There are reasons why. There is also the reality that anger can be helpful in sports, specifically football, but many athletes don't know how to modulate it.

Can the NFL Avoid Another Aaron Hernandez?

Is it time for change in sport psychologists role in assessing and predicting crime and violence in athletes?

There Are No Losers, You’re Just the Last Winner

A look at the issues of abusive coaching vs. intense coaching, parenting, and developing athletes in response to the questions surrounding the recent events surrounding Rutgers AD Julie Hermann.

Abusive Coaching is Not About Anger, It’s About Approach

The video that went viral of Rutgers Men's Basketball Coach Mike Rice abusing his players was, unfortunately, not an isolated incident. The line between intense and abusive coaching may be blurry to some, but society and athletics need to make it clear that going over that line won't be tolerated. Fear and intimidation are not at the core of effective coaching.

Steubenville: Who's to Blame? Anyone have a mirror?

Preventing another Steubenville means teaching accountability and personal responsibility.

Getting Athletes Help

Due to extreme transgressions that athletes sometimes engage in, it is easy for people from afar to blame the athletes, the teams, the leagues and the counselors that are trying to help the players. Improvements can always be made, but the incidence of these events will never be isn't in any other segment of our society...

Lessons from Sandusky: Not Just Athletics, WE need to do Better

Jerry Sandusky's conviction will generate many thoughts and emotions. It may provide the opportunity for the victims to start to heal. It also is an opportunity for those in the sports world to protect those that need it the most.

Silent No More—Sexual Abuse in Sports

The Penn State scandal reminds us that even in places that are watched over by the most moral of people, abuse can happen. Joe Paterno's reputation will forever be tarnished as a result of not taking more action. Hopefully, the silver lining to this horrible set of circumstances will be increased awareness and greater ability to protect children from future sexual abuse.

Yes, I Know Who You Are And You’re Under Arrest

The Days of Coach’ll Fix It are Fading, Yet the Accusations of Athletes being Criminals Remains.  This myth needs to be challenged so as to preserve the reputation of sports. 

Sport Psychology Services for All

Mental Skills Training Need Not Be Solely for the Elite, the Pros, or the Rich. There are many sport psychologists out there that can help your athletes. You just have to know where to look.

The Bizarre Ways That LeBron James Proved Charles Barkley Right

 LeBron James' decision to go to the Miami Heat as a free agent, left some confused.  Athletes make difficult decisions that they think are best for them sometimes, even if it leaves us scratching our heads...another reminder that we should be the role models for our children.

The Secret Good Side of Sports

Nary a day passes without another sports figure capturing the headlines for an embarrassing transgression.If you can get past the headlines, there are many positive things that sports can bring our children.

Female Violence in Sport: Maybe It Isn't Just the Testosterone

This past week, nineteen year old freshman basketball player Brittney Griner, of Baylor University, connected on a right cross that would make anyone say, “Damn!”