The "Baloney Detection Kit" and 3 Reasons Why It's Critical

Impressive medical claims make the headlines but don't always make sense

Health Tracking: Lover or Luddite?

Tracking your own health and wellness stats is all the rage these days, particularly among the fit, healthy and well-to-do. It’s no longer about simply tracking your weight once a week, or your daily calorie intake while on a diet.

When the Dog's Health Is More Important Than Your Own

How to explain why filling a dog's prescription could trump filling your own, or why people would rather take out the trash than take their medication? It's human psychology.

Following Doctor’s Orders: Risk vs. Reward, As in Life

There are no risk-free interventions in medicine. Rewards needs to trump risks.

Small Rewards, Big Impact

The joy of rifling through a treasure box appeals to both kids and adults. The prizes just need to be a little different.

Does Healthcare Have to be Boring?

Here is a major and underappreciated problem with healthcare, particularly from the patient’s perspective: it’s not fun. Not at all.

The Biggest Healthcare Problem You Probably Don't Know About

When you think of big healthcare problems, you think of the obvious ones well highlighted by the media: obesity, the uninsured, the diabetes epidemic, Kim Kardashian's psoriasis.