Should You Throw a Divorce Party?

Increasingly, people are seeking a way to honor their marriage, even as they end it.

Starting Places for Learning About Good Divorce

From apps to websites to books to classes: my top picks for getting through divorce and managing co-parenting.

Breakup Coping Strategy: Party Like It's 1999

As the now-classic experiment from Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer shows, age is relative to your environment.

What To Get Your Ex For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a chance to celebrate all the people in our lives—including our ex. 

Facing a Tough Divorce Transition? Create Positive Moments

Creating more moments of joy can reawaken parts of yourself or your heritage that may have faded in marriage.

Good Divorce Advice: Resist the Urge to Compare

It can be hard to avoid negative self-comparison, but you want to remain focused on your own path.

Combat Anger With Empathy in a Good Divorce

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” -The Buddha

Build Yourself a Divorce Survival Kit

The immediate period of separation can feel like a natural disaster. Prepare a tool kit to stay afloat.

How to Tell Others You're Getting Divorced

Perfect your "divorce elevator speech" with these five tips.

Holidays During Divorce, When Your Ex Has A New Partner

Our holidays and rituals always evolve. They have to, in order to stay meaningful, whatever our family structure.

How Good Divorce Lawyers Have Improved Divorce

We've all heard about "shark" lawyers circulating failing marriages, but some of the best innovations in cooperative divorce and co-parenting come from divorce professionals.

Don't Confuse Filing With Closure in a Divorce

Rushing to make it legal can actually slow down your divorce and make closure harder.

Good Divorce Weekend: The No-Spending Spree

Not shopping for Black Friday deals, or Saturday or Sunday specials, made this holiday weekend special for my family.

Why Taking Ownership Is Key to Divorce Recovery

I created seven Principles of Parting while going through my own divorce and writing a book about it. The Principles are guideposts that keep us stay on course during trying times.

6 Steps to Setting Limits as a Solo Parent

Setting and keeping limits can be extra hard when you're the only adult in the house. Clinical psychologist Stephanie O'Leary gives easy success strategies.

Should We Wait for Our Kids to Graduate Before We Divorce?

Many parents worry that they're divorcing at the worst possible age for their children, but other factors that are largely under our control matter more to a child's well-being.

We Need a New Word for Stepparents

The fact that a stepparent is not a legal relationship highlights the role of strong emotional bonds within a blended family structure. Three tips for building good bonds.

How to Have a Good Divorce: Try Interest-Based Negotiation

Q&A: Austin-based collaborative lawyer Janice Green on the critical difference between interests and positions.

Laughter in the Face of Divorce

A divorce comedy improv show helps us take a step back from divorce while creating a positive moment.

Unrequited Love, and Why We Can't Break Free of It

Intermittent reward keeps us attached, says psychotherapist and author Jeanne Safer. We need to credit our own feelings of dissatisfaction and let go of "relentless hope."

A Happy Ending Matters in this Hollywood Divorce

The negative stories about the Brangelina break-up are dangerous, because the expectation that divorce must be a tragedy for all involved can create just that outcome.

Resilience: The Divorcées Secret Superpower

Resilient people make conscious choices every day to put aside time for practices that energize them, enliven them or strengthen them." Here's how.

How Divorce Is Changing for Our Neighbors Up North

New article in Canada's largest newspaper looks at Canadian couples who co-parent cooperatively, celebrate holidays together, and even help out with each other’s laundry.

Letting the Chaos of Divorce Speed on By

Sometimes letting thoughts go moves you forward, because our minds aren't up to the task of making the world suit all our needs.

Using Design Psychology to Feel at Home in Divorce

Using colors and images that remind you of your positive past can help you feel more at home, after divorce, and support your vision of your future life.

Sharing the News of Divorce

You might be reluctant to talk about your divorce, but doing so can help you feel connected and supported, and remind you that you are not alone in this awkward state.

To Love Again: When Divorce Leads to Remarriage

Some divorced couples find that time apart leads to getting back together.

Should You Ever Have Sex With Your Ex?

About one-third of divorced couples find themselves turning to each other for physical intimacy. While the reasons may be many, it carries risks to consider.

Facing Divorce? There's a Business in That!

What do you do when your longtime marriage ends? Start a small business about divorce. At least, that’s the answer for an ever-increasing number of formerly-weds.

Loving Valentine's Day While Divorced or Single

We can enjoy this holiday by expanding our notion of love. Rather than ignoring it or making cynical remarks, take an open-hearted attitude and celebrate love more broadly.