What Kind of Religion is Vedanta?

Vedanta asserts that, whether we know and accept it or not, we are all engaged in the same endeavour: the search for God.

Spiritual Leadership

To be effective spiritual leaders, our major task is to concentrate on our own spiritual development.

Lamentation Can Be a Good Thing

The psychological mechanism for dealing with trauma and loss only works when we feel the painful feelings and grow through them, not when we try to suppress them.

A Need For Spiritual Connection

Some 'depressions' respond only to a rekindling of spiritual awareness and provide inspiration, guidance, courage and hope for the Olympics of everyday life.

What Is Prayer?

More skillful than asking for miracles is the regular practice of attuning to the infinite.

The Wisdom of Age

A writing competition for over-fifties yields surprisingly useful advice and wisdom.

A Few Words about Peace and Peacemaking

If we, the people, could see ourselves as we really are, there would be no more war, no more cruelty, no more greed.

Dying Well

A good death involves reaching a profound level of acceptance regarding what has gone before, recognising one's life as complete, enabling one to let go of life freely at its end.

'All We Need is Love' - The World Congress of Faiths

There was no intention in the WCF of formulating a new religion, nor of appraising the value of existing religions by examining respective merits and defects.

Jo McFarlane, Survivor!

Jo's story and her poetry reveal the essential spiritual truth that, however dark and difficult life becomes, hope for a future of love and joy is never to be denied.

How to Save the World

Could the same nightmares we fear possibly also be the soul-stimuli that we need to grow in compassion and love?


As individuals and family members, the refugees I met were impressive, bringing home the value of treating them as kindly as possible, learning from them - about resilience, courage, perseverance and hope - through every encounter.

Much Ado About Something

Backed by Scripture, by reference to other spiritual writers and psychologists, and with many engaging anecdotes, ‘Much Ado about Something’ offers a rewarding, authentic, up-to-date, ‘holistic’ new vision of the timeless message of Christ.

Sex and Spirituality

Spirituality is about discovering who we really are, and sexuality is obviously part of that. Neither repression nor over-indulgence lead to lasting joy or spiritual maturity. We each need to find another way.

The Wisdom Mind of Love

It is worth stopping regularly for a period of reflection, to reconcile our 'everyday' mind with our 'wisdom' mind, to avoid the build-up of painful and destructive emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, hate and greed.

What Is Sufism?

Sufism is not the Islam of fundamentalists—quite the reverse! It is a search for the truth of divine love through direct personal experience of God. Sufi practices have much in common with those of other world faith traditions, their efficacy backed up by modern neuro-scientific research.

Nuclear Weapons R'Us - Not!

It takes wisdom, compassion and courage to lay down weapons and offer friendship to those we have formerly mistaken as enemies.

Life's a Bitch, Or Is It?

When things appear to be going wrong, it pays to review our hopes and expectations; alternatively to find consolation in an adorable pet - like Dilly!

The Big Mistakes of Religion and Secularism

People have a choice about religion and spirituality: to conform more or less rigidly to accepted teaching, or to think and act independently. Both bring problems, but the issues resolve spontaneously as we grow more mature and find a true set of values to follow

Thomas Merton at 100

"For me, to be a saint means to be myself." Thomas Merton at 100 remains an excellent social critic and spiritual guide.

Four Types of Madness

We are all mad, all of the time!

Two Halves of the Brain Make a Beautiful Whole

Left brain rational either/or thinking, breaking things down into parts, and right brain unitary, both/and thinking, concerned with experiencing things and people as whole are both important for understanding, appreciating and living life to the full. The task is to mould ourselves, and sympathetically help shape each other into wiser, more compassionate beings.

Spirit-Matter! Keeping Body & Soul Together

Indigenous people feel kinship with nature as being, like them, a manifestation of the 'Great Spirit'. It is a matter of shared experience, out of which grows respect for creation and for each other.For them, the 'Great Spirit' is an empowering breath, a creative energy, a unifying essence, the forerunner of all.

Is Religion a Bad Thing?

Religion causes social rifts and divisions, is often an excuse for barbaric wars, torture and executions, but has also inspired many noble and courageous acts, stimulated great art and architecture, and been a major force for major endeavours like education, health care and commerce... The left and right sides of our brains evaluate such important matters differently.

Spiritual Pioneers

Theologians tend to steer clear of psychology, and psychologists tend to avoid religion. James and Huxley - pioneers of psycho-spiritual enquiry - were among those to buck the trend. Their words still resonate with wisdom today.

What Is Christianity?

The statement "I believe...'" has two parts. Firstly the "I" (or "ego") is always worth examining. Who is it that is asserting belief? How close have you yet come to knowing your true self?

The Meaning of Life

Wherever we are on the path, we can make further progress. We need only accept that we are not yet fully ripe, then work daily towards the maturity which is our birthright.

Spirituality and Health

A new, universally appealing spiritual paradigm encourages people to take responsibility and explore inwardly for strength, courage and hope in the face of ill-health, ageing, death and other forms of adversity, rather than adhere to specific religious practices and theologies.

Raven's Final Words of Wisdom

Raven says, "With your soul as your guide, eventually you become your own teacher, and you realize that you had the spiritual power all along... that is your soul's purpose for being on the planet: growing, evolving, becoming one with that power, love, wisdom."

The Big Bang and the Holy Spirit

Everything was imprinted in less than a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, and that includes us. We human beings are linked seamlessly to the cosmic whole, and through it to each other and to nature. By means of an increasingly contemplative attitude, through regaining a mature form of spiritual awareness, we can each discover why we are all truly here.