Casablanca at 75

The film has important lessons for our time––about love, betrayal, the fight against fascism, and the necessity of music.

Walking in Rhythm

How will you spend your next hour of free time? You can lie on the couch and stare at Facebook or take an extended walk. Which choice do you think is better for your mood?

Glen Campbell’s Farewell Tour, Accompanied by Alzheimer’s

"Even though Campbell cannot recognize himself in a home movie from his younger days, he is still able to deploy his exquisite singing voice and guitar chops onstage."

Finding Solace in Music

The growing field of music psychology research is sharing counterintuitive insights into the ways humans use music to regulate mood.

For My Health. And Yours.

National Creative Arts Therapy week, the third week of March, recognizes young professions built around ancient human activities.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Meeting life’s challenges head-on allows us to not be crushed by anxiety. It is this struggle that gives our lives meaning.

Self-Actualization Through Music

One reason the creative arts are a powerful therapeutic resource is that they function on multiple levels. This particular song operated on at least three.

Lessons From Luke Skywalker

It is a gift to have a common intergenerational reference that embodies the hero’s journey in the character of Luke Skywalker.

A Poem for the President

At his inauguration, President Kennedy signaled his administration’s commitment to the notion that the creative arts are essential to a healthy democracy.

As Though Your Life Depended on It

Faced with a threat to his very existence, the composer responded in the most uniquely human way possible—with an act of artistic creation.

An Epiphany

An unfamiliar voice proposed something radical and completely unexpected. It told me to go to church. This came as a rather huge surprise, as I am a dedicated non-believer.

Music Therapy and Autism: An Ethical Dilemma

Music therapists are effective at treating autism. Autistic people think it is wrong of us to try.

Happiness Is Singing in the Choir

Researchers in England have taken a stab at answering one of life’s unanswered questions: Why do we make music?

The Big Tent of Music Therapy

People ask me all the time, “How does music therapy work?” At first I start preparing an answer about its effectiveness. Quickly, though, it becomes clear they’re asking a question that seems simple but is in fact just as complicated.