Psychology Today Nov 2013 Cover

The November 2013 issue of Psychology Today has "The Power of NO!" on the cover - all I have to say to that is, "YES! I NEED THAT MAGAZINE!" and on the inside, is their "May We Recommend" Bookshelf feature,"Let Yesterday's Favorites Point You Toward Something New." I am so honored to be included with the headline "If you liked WILD, by Cheryl Strayed, try SOME NERVE by Patty Chang Anker."

I loved WILD so much (I listened to the audio book on the long car ride to a writing retreat in Vermont - I got so emotional at points I had to stop the car). I went to hear Cheryl Strayed speak at a Women's Media Group event and I'm eating up news of the filming with Reese Witherspoon faster than they can tweet about it. I am completely inspired by Strayed's life and writing.

I am also a huge fan of Psychology Today, where ordinary people without advanced degrees in psychology can find fascinating and useful information from the frontiers of research that they can apply in their lives.

Psychology Today recommends Some Nerve

So imagine how thrilled I am by this:

"If you liked WILD by Cheryl Strayed, try SOME NERVE by Patty Chang Anker. Bookshelves are filled with tales of extreme survival, courage and reinvention. Can't relate? Patty Chang Anker tells a story for the rest of us - those of us still terrified of riding a bike or speaking in public, She shows that with a little push, we can prove ourselves braver than we thought. Anker leads the way, starting at the tip of a dreaded diving board." - Psychology Today

When I first started writing Some Nerve I had a fear of what the experts would think of my layperson's take on different approaches to overcoming fear. It was a fear that almost stopped me from writing the book at all. I am so grateful to all the psychologists, teachers, coaches and therapists who shared their knowledge so willingly, and to Psychology Today for welcoming Some Nerve onto its Bookshelf. This means the book will indeed find its way into the lives of people actively looking for ways to be healthier and happier. This review means the world to me.

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