Why Don't We Consume Ethically?

Values, complex decision factors, and the perception of your own actions as insignificant can result in less ethical consumption.

Subliminal Ads, Unconscious Influence, and Consumption

Do words and images we don't realize we've seen make us buy things without realizing why?

What Do Santa and Ads Have in Common? Kids Believe in Both.

Children don't question advertisements, even when they're unrealistic or promoting unhealthy products.

We Are What We Consume

We consume to construct and maintain our identities, and at the same time the things we consume influence our conceptions of ourselves.

Implicit Attitudes Can Help Promote Green Consumer Behavior

Implicit attitudes may successfully predict green consumption when explicit attitudes don't because they're more emotional and more honest.

Product Placement Can Be A Lot More Powerful Than We Realize

While it seems innocuous, product placement's effects can occur without our awareness and can actually be resistant to suspicion and skepticism.

True Happiness Rarely Lies at the Bottom of a Shopping Bag

A message commonly disseminated in our consumer culture is we need more material possessions to be happy. However, there's little empirical support for that idea, and in fact that which really is associated with happiness costs little or no money at all.

Implicit Attitudes Predict Impulsive Behavior

We all hold 'implicit' or automatic attitudes. These attitudes operate automatically, and tend to predict behavior when we're running on autopilot and not thinking as much, for instance when we're feeling impulsive.

Avoiding the Willpower Depleting Effects of Self-Control

While exercising self-control can lead to impulsive behavior, it doesn't have to do so. There are several easy ways to attenuate the impulsivity normally seen after willpower exertion.

Exercising Self-Control Can Make Us Behave Impulsively

Self-control allows us to resist impulse buying urges. Sometimes however, self-control fails. Why? Essentially, and somewhat paradoxically, using self-control leads to self-control failures.

What Motivates Impulse Buying?

Our personalities, our desire for pleasure, and personal connections with products can all interact on us to produce impulse buying.