Still Not With Her?

People who consider themselves feminists are still not getting behind Hillary Clinton. That might be because they're sexist. We all are.

White Like Me, Nice Like Me

"Nice" white people like me insist we are anti-racist. Yet we are "nice" precisely because we believe in our inherent goodness as white people.

A Leftie's Election Survival Guide in 5 Easy Steps

How’s a nice, progressive gal like me going to survive the crazy that is this election? Oh no, I don’t mean the orange guy or the creepy one, I mean the insanity of the Left?

American Politics or Why I Can't Even

We Americans have lost the ability to have a discussion about issues because you’re either with us or you’re against us. This is true on the Left and the Right and I'm speechless..

What if We Voted For First Spouse Instead of President?

If we could vote for the First Spouse, I'd vote for Michelle Obama in perpetuity. But if Michelle refused the job, then I'd take Jane Sanders.

Barbie for President!

Is the new Curvy Barbie a revolution? Probably not and here's why.

Lessons from a Trump Rally

If we are ever going to solve our problems as a country, we need to replace the anger of Trump supporters with hope for a more collective future.

Stop Making Sense

Some historical moments are more contradictory than other. The US has entered into a state of so many competing and contradictory forces that it has stopped making sense.

Translating Whiteness

Whiteness is increasingly dangerous in the U.S. where white men act out their sense of fragility with weapons. But this white masculinity is circulating the globe. Stories in Sweden,Hungary and Russia show just how whiteness travels in ways that are depressingly familiar.

Womb Transplants and the End of Gender

As womb transplant become increasingly popular for women without a womb, the very real possibility of womb transplants for men is upon us. If reproduction becomes something that anyone can do, regardless of gender or genitals, then the end of gender is upon us.

Celebrity Apprentice: Presidential Edition

Ronald Reagan began the slow descent of political life into just another form of celebrity and now it is difficult to distinguish between Sir Elton John, Donald Trump and other celebrities who would like to try their hand at politics. But this heady mix of fame, fortune and potential power has made us drunk on fame and hungover with the political consequences.
Carter County Jail

Kim Davis and Unintended Consequences

We want to believe in the fantasy that the Supreme Court can settle our differences. But like small children turning to their mother for the "final word," Supreme Court decisions rarely settle things for us. The case of Kim Davis shows that the decision allowing gays and lesbians to marry is just the opening to a new series of battles and laws and heroes and villains.

Trump My Putin

What if political leaders can be understood by their hair? What if hair represents the collective unconscious of all of us? The hair of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin might tell us a lot about who they really are and who we are- whether we love them or hate them- since in some way they represent what Carl Jung called archetypes.

Donald Trump Has Finally Gone Too Far

Trump mixed sexism with menstrual blood and hubris. The result of this toxic stew may have finally ended his run for the Republican nomination. But not because Conservatives suddenly care about gender equity, but because they care about protecting white femininity.

Dylann Roof Is White Like Me

Dylann Roof is a terrorist. But his terrorism was committed in the name of white supremacy and cannot be excised from white culture, white history, white politics and white money. In other words, Dylann Roof is white like me.
A Florida Enchantment 1914


Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner force us to face the messiness of our true selves.

Je Suis Brian Williams

Je suis Brian Williams. I am Brian Williams. Aren't we all Brian Williams?
Violence, Symbolic and Real

Violence, Symbolic and Real

The attacks on Charlie Hebdo are despicable. But does condemning violent attacks by fanatics mean we must also accept the ideological claim that speech is free?

Racial Politics in the US and the Figure of the White Lady

The roots of the current explosion of White state violence against Black citizens lie in a uniquely American creation myth that marked White ladies as racially innocent and Black men as beasts. The effects of this myth are that Black men and women are punished while white women are "protected" and White men are both the punishers and the protectors.