The New Reality of Student Loans

A couple of weeks ago, I made arrangements for payment of my fall semester costs. I was able to get some federal financial aid to cover these costs. Other costs of living are going to be addressed through work and scholarships. What caught my eye on the college aid website was that the icon and link for private loans were completely grayed-out, meaning that private loans were unavailable for anyone searching for funding. Across the country, students are making similar arrangements for the financial needs of the coming academic year. Yet at many schools, undergraduate and graduate students are running into difficulties finding the necessary funding to pay the basic costs of college attendance. We're not talking about financing a night of hanging out. We're talking about paying for things such as books and lab fees. Usually, there are a number of ways to deal with these costs but recently, those avenues have become fewer and more difficult to navigate. 

Oh Great, Who Left You in Charge: Teaching Fellowships

 Sometimes I wonder the same thing. As I proceeded to pack up my things after class, a few of my students stopped to speak about their projects. At first, a smile slowly crossed my face as I responded to their inquiries. That smile led to a low chuckle as I finished with them. Considering the scene, my thoughts drifted to the last few days as a research and grant assistant at my undergraduate institution. While cleaning my office in preparation of my return to New York for graduate school, my former boss and mentor stopped in and passed on these inspirational words.....

The Exodus: Student Retention and Finance

That sound you heard is the other shoe dropping in the economic crisis and promptly bouncing up to hit college students in the head. One of the consequences is that an undergraduate student at my school will NOT be returning next year. The financial picture of his family has taken such a downturn that they now are not in a position to provide some assistance. In turn, he alone is unable to make up the difference through his own efforts. He's already working long hours while carrying a full course load. This is one student that we know about. How many more will just quietly slip off the collegiate radar screen? Which hallowed halls will have a more resonant echo due this loss? 

Who will answer the call?

A quiet storm has appeared on the horizon for therapists and psychologists in clinical practice. Military veterans have been returning in need of a variety of psychological services to ease their minds and transition back into their "normal" lives. Yet there is one specialty in psychological practice that this country is not fully prepared to supply for the returning troops. Those services are the necessary therapeutic treatment for the survivors of sexual assault.  

The End of Diversity?

Are we looking at the death knell for diversity in graduate education? Graduate programs of all kinds have worked to become more diversified in their student and faculty populations. Yet considering the effect of the current economic collapse on the decision making processes regarding access to higher education, we may be looking at a very different landscape in academic populations in the future.

Race & Society

Of late, there has been a flurry of discourse, public and private, about the role of race in American society. Some have spoken to the progress that has been made while others have expressed deep concern for the work that still needs to be done. A fascinating aspect of the entire phenomenon is how race may influence individuals' thoughts and decisions.

Hidden in Plain Sight

An earlier post on this blog centered on finding your path to a career in psychology. In response, a reader asked about defining her path given that she would be working in a remote community. Would she truly be serving the community if she specialized in one area of clinical psychology?

Finding Your Path

Sometimes, the first few steps can be the most difficult to finding a career. This can be especially true for psychology given the wide variety of opportunities that exist. As noted in a previous post, one of the most important decisions is the selection of a pathway for a psychological career. Maybe some remarkable stories of beginnings can be inspirational.

Who Me? A Shrink? Maybe.....

Well, maybe not a shrink but you want a career in psychology. Traditionally, the term "psychologist" evokes images of therapists who provide mental health treatment in settings such as a private practice or mental health clinic. Though therapy is one possibility, it is by no means the only type of livelihood in the field of psychology.