The Hidden Horrors of Jury Duty

Jury duty may be much worse than a mere inconvenience.

Why Do People Obey the Law?

Have you ever wondered why people generally try to obey the law? For decades, legal scholars have agreed on two accepted explanations: (1) fear of punishment and (2) respect for authority. But is there more to it than that?

How Can the "Slender Man" Girls Be Competent to Stand Trial?

Yesterday, the two middle-school girls who stabbed their classmate nineteen times to appease a fictional online character known as "Slender Man" were ruled competent to stand trial. But how can girls so delusional be considered competent?

Why Is the Internet So Mad at Harvard Professor Ben Edelman?

A Harvard professor aggressively disputed a $4 over-charge of Chinese takeout . . . and the internet exploded in a fury of indignation and outrage. Why was everyone so incensed?

The Difference Between "Competency" and "Sanity"

In court, what is the difference between being found "incompetent to stand trial" and being found legally "insane"? Does competency equal sanity? Does sanity equal competency? Can you be competent but insane?

How to Plead Insanity

What do a Texas mother who strangled her two special-needs children, a California man who shot his estranged wife's friend, and a teenager who beat his little brother to death have in common? Each has been found "not guilty by reason of insanity" within the past three months.

Is the Ebola Quarantine Even Legal?

Armed guards are currently sitting outside of Thomas Eric Duncan's girlfriend's house, preventing her family from leaving or receiving guests for fear of ebola. Is this even legal? When is the government entitled to quarantine its citizens by gunpoint?

The High Cost of Having an Affair

The story of how one wife sued another woman for having sex with her husband and breaking up her marriage. . . and won $9 million in court.

Is Being Dumped Like a Breach of Contract? A Response

In "Is Being Dumped Like a Breach of Contract," Professor Mark D. White draws some excellent analogies between being dumped and experiencing a breach of contract. What he does not discuss, however, is that when a contract is breached, there is a legal remedy. In contrast, when someone is dumped, there is no compensation beyond "it's not you, it's me."

Are Lawyers All Raging Psychopaths?

Lawyers are not the only ones who exaggerate.

Do Attractive People Fare Better in the Courtroom?

Yes, of course they do. But to what extent? The answer is disturbing.

Who Should Keep the Engagement Ring After a Breakup?

She broke your heart. But does she get to keep the ring? The answer may surprise you.

Suing for Emotional Distress: "Outrageous!"

Can you really sue someone for hurting your feelings?

The Real Reason Why We Divorce

For over a thousand years, law did not permit divorces. What changed in recent years? The answer may surprise you.

How to Deal With Litigious People and Frivolous Lawsuits

Modern society is often criticized as becoming increasingly litigious. Learn what to do the next time someone threatens to "see you in court."