The Tyranny of Musts and Shoulds

Irrational beliefs that can disrupt a marriage.

Negotiate, Don’t Compromise

Couples will inevitably run into situations where a decision needs to be made. Learning to negotiate a solution will lead to the best result.

Time Together and Time Apart

Spending time with others helps to strengthen our identification as a couple and make us feel connected to the world. Just as important for a successful marriage is time together.

The Good and Bad of Friends

Friends, acquaintances, and family members are essential to our mental health. But some are helpful to a marriage and some are destructive.

Improving Your Marriage

Marriages change over time like all relationships do. Here are things to consider so that your marriage changes for the better.

Forgiving Your Partner

What do you when your partner does something that hurts you?

Managing Your Expectations About Marriage

Having realistic expectations about our marriage will result in less dissatisfaction.

Transitioning From Lovers to Partners

Marriages change over time. Partners go from passionate to more companionate.

Marriage as a Social Contract

If things are wrong with your marriage, perhaps you need to renegotiate your relationship contract.

The Roots of Marital Conflicts

If you want to change the way you act and feel, you have to change the way you think

Marital Commitment

There are different forms of commitment and some are better than others.

More About Sex

Do men and women have different agendas when it comes to sex?

The Cornerstones of Marriage – Fidelity

What does infidelity do to a marriage? Can marriage survive infidelity?

Fighting Fair

When it comes to arguing, form trumps substance.

Conflict in Relationships

Is it a bad sign if you argue with your partner in a relationship?

Sex in Marriage

Do men and women have different sexual agendas?

Marriage Counseling

All relationships have problems. Should we try to work them out ourselves, talk to friends or relatives, or go to a marriage counselor?

Marriage, Living Together, or Staying Single

Now that you are in a stable relationship, what is the best way to move forward? Perhaps you should not marry, choose to live with your partner or get married.

Marriage in Today’s World

What are the factors that make marriage more difficult today than it was in the past?