Six Honest Answers About Writing and Publishing Your Book

On my bulletin board at work, I’ve posted a small clip that reads: “Of the 86,000 new titles published in the UK in 2009, 59,000 sold an average of 18 copies.” Publishing is hard.

One Immigrant Woman's Story: What I Heard About Ellis Island

Some people cried because we would never see our homeland again in our lifetime except in our dreams. But I looked back and spit.

"I Can't Give You a Brain, But I Can Give You a Diploma"

Some projects — like acquiring a genuine education — are not best if you DIY. Sometimes you need a professional. Sometimes you need a professor.

Men's Lives: The Confluence, Fly-Fishing, Tall Tales and Art

The Confluence, a new book about men's lives, reminds us that life's most rewarding journeys don't have to involve danger or loss.

20 Rules to Live By

10. Power is the ability to persuade stupid people to do intelligent things and intelligent people to do stupid things. This is why power is dangerous.

Young Men, Masculinity and Rage

Nobody is more vicious, more dangerous to himself and others, than a young man in pain--especially one who has driven his own hurt so deeply inside himself that he can't name it.

Ouija Boards, Candles and a Dead Man's Clothes

We talked long into the night, my father, my husband and I, about the house I grew up in and how it never felt like home. We talked about ghosts and about what haunted us still.

What Do Your Favorite Posters and T-Shirts Say About You?

Sure, I once wore messages on T-shirts. But after a certain age, I no longer wanted folks to read my bust-line in order to grasp my perspective on cultural and political issues.

Why "Thank You" Notes Are Important. Write Them Today.

It's important to learn how to be grateful appropriately: the opposite of gratitude looks suspiciously like greed, pride and hubris.

How to Have The Best Birthday Ever: Celebrate Your REAL Age

Birthdays as a reward for having shown up 365 days in a row. It's like getting a badge for attendance.

Don't Say These 5 Things Before Somebody Leaves

You'll be recalled with more affection, respect and warmth if you're remembered with a cheering smile and not with sobs, snivels and the dry-heaves.

Paper-Free Life? What Do You Do If You Don't Doodle Anymore?

When I doodle, it's like part of my brain can go outside for recess while the rest of me sits up straighter and pays more attention. Let's hope Googling won't replace doodling.

5 Ways to Make Life Much Easier This Holiday Season

Clean Up As You Go: Get into the habit of the Three Cs: Clearing, cleansing and containment. Remember: this advice works as well outside the kitchen as it does inside the kitchen.

How to Celebrate Fake Tree Trauma and Family Messes

Laughter brings us a little closer to heaven - or at the very least, closer to each other. And that's what the holidays are for, after all.

'I'll Put Your Eye Out With This Fork': Family Memories

You’d look up and there would be a woman in a faded floral print house dress, hair in curlers, under a scarf and she’d be frustrated by something and you would cross her path.

Confronting Evil, Again

When we see photographs of the terrorists, they often look as affable as their victims. Shouldn’t they appear as something different? Pamela Katz discusses how Hannah Arendt’s genius was in recognizing the everyday nature of evil.

All Electronic Devices Should Be Off at the Table

These are kids for whom it is not unusual to make a quick leap from the first awakening of sexual awareness to the first consummation of sexual experience.

Why Is Your Relationship a Secret?

Historically, the closest a young woman could get to having power was to have sex with a man who had it. If the powerful man desires a woman privately, could he really deny publicly that she's the love of his life?

What I'm Reading Now

One of the main reasons I read outside my own narrow areas of individual expertise is to see whether I can reach over the intellectual fences demarcating professional fields and harvest something useful.

Why Halloween Can Bring Out The Best In Us

Halloween is all about trusting those you don’t know well, whether you are knocking on their doors or opening your own to them. How remarkable in today's world.

Wine, Ink, Women and Revenge

"He’d done something permanent to my idea of myself and I wanted to do the same thing to him” she explained.

Why "Twilight" is Worse Than Just a Bad Book

Why is "Twilight" scary? As a romantic fantasy, it's a damaging one; for a trashy book, it's a lousy one; and as an for escape for a young woman who's longing to break out of her everyday confinements, it's a trap.

Bad Teachers Can Damage You-- or Make You Stronger

From one very bad teacher, I learned that intelligence without emotional generosity means nothing, that narcissism unchecked is poisonous and that sometimes it is far more honorable to be refused membership to a group than to be part of it. That lesson left welts.

Do You Lie About Your Age?

When I was a teenager I wanted to be thought of as older. Older girls seemed sophisticated, hip, and independent. Now that I am ACTUALLY older, it’s younger women who seem sophisticated, hip, and independent. Go figure.

Good, Better and Best Advice for Life After 50

When you tell yourself that your best days are behind are, you pretty much guarantee that they are. Stop worrying about what will happen in ten years because life in ten years won’t be anything like what you’re imaging now.

Your Over-Parenting Can Damage Your Child's Education

Teachers have gone from mentoring students to monitoring students. They're urged to report accounts of unblemished success to the parents. That's not an education.

Dear Beach-Going Friends...

Will someone think the patterns on my bathing suit secretly spell out the phrase “Do not resuscitate”?

Do You Prefer You Pets to Your Friends?

Pets are like a combination between court jesters and strict Freudian therapists: They can make you feel better about the world while never saying a word.

Donald Trump, Political Correctness, Ignorance and Comedy

Political correctness is like spell-check for your mouth. Trump means to sound the way he does-- and he wants everyone else to echo him; that's why Trump’s name needs to be erased from the political chalkboard. PC stand for "perfectly civilized," which is what any American leader must be.

6 Things Women Secretly Know About Relationships

We want to be your friend but if we’re sexually/erotically involved, we want to be acknowledged as more than your friend. If we’re living together, you shouldn’t say, “This is my housemate” or “This is my roommate.” If we’ve been a couple, openly and happily, for more than a few months, let’s figure out a way to present ourselves to the world as more than “just friends.”