Are You a Promiscuous Shopper?

I’ve been known to unashamedly grab something off a shelf if I knew it would make me happy for a few months, a few weeks, even—dare I admit it—a few days. That’s the kind of loose shopper I am.

Do You Like Your Sister?

Sympathy, compassion, understanding, respect, generosity and a willingness to forgive are essential features of every important relationship, including ones between members of an immediate family.

5 Hard-To-Hear Truths About Your Kids

You don't set any boundaries or offer any guidelines for his behavior. He's the one who dominates the scene and we cower before his demands. We spent two hours attempting to please, placate, entertain and quiet him down.

How Old is an Old(er) Woman?

The new BOND female lead is FOUR YEARS OLDER than Edith Bunker. There's more for women over fifty to do with their hands these days.

Object Permanence In Adult Life

Eye contact, a pat on the back, a smile of appreciation, and a shared laugh-out-loud of sheer pleasure are the best and most direct signals of communication, after all.

Joni Mitchell on New York Magazine: Is The Photo Disturbing?

I hope to see my idols looking and sounding as if they are enjoying themselves as they reach the season of harvest (not so very far away from any of us). That's what I long for but very rarely see.

Women Don't Trust Ourselves--or The World. Let's Change That

As good girls, we were taught never to trust ourselves or our own reactions. We can’t tell if we’re hungry; we only know what we shouldn’t eat. We don’t know if we’re tired; we only know we’re not getting enough sleep. We aren’t sure that we’re fit, we only know we’re not sleek. We believe we're not good enough, no matter what. Can we change that, please?

Dartmouth College Then: 1975 in the Ivy League

The better-looking girls are instantly escorted by fraternity guys who walk them, still dazed and wide-eyed, to houses on frat row. Presumably each young woman is then deposited in a living room the way a dog might deposit a chew toy.

Does Your "Real" Age Match Your Age on Paper?

Nobody ages faster than other people’s children. I’ll be talking on the phone with my friends and their toddlers will be gurgling happily into the receiver. The next time I call these same children will have just taken the MCATs.

Why Sundays Can Be The Longest Day: Husbands and Sundays/2

For many, marriage offers a mirage of intimacy, an intimacy that, like a mirage, gradually disappears; just when they thought they were being offered an oasis-- a chance for rescue from one's self and a place of safety-- the idea of it evaporates in the heat of real life.

Why Husbands Hate Sundays

"Maybe Sunday remains the time when you reflect on your life and are bound to think it comes up short," says Mark, "And one easy target for blame is your marriage.”

Trust Everyone, but Cut the Cards: 27 Quick Truths for 2015

#27: Downton Abbey is very much like Monarch of the Glen; Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, was a main character on Monarch of the Glen. Many good things emerge from--and resemble--other good things.That is not cheating. That is evolution.

A Brief Rant About Paris and Satire

Time to quote Mark Twain: "For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter..."

Absolve Yourself of Your Guilt and Get On With Your Life

I apologized for being single, for being unhappily married, for being divorced, for being a second wife, for being a step-mother, for being happily married. I apologized for not having my old relatives live with me. In graduate school, I apologized for not having a “real” job; when I got a “real” job, I apologized for having one. I couldn’t let myself win.

The Trivialization of the Feminine

“Girl talk” is synonymous with triviality in the minds of many men and women.

Why Feminism Matters in 2014--and in 2015

Women and girls often regard their ability to please as, paradoxically, one of their greatest strengths. As a culture, we still encourage women and girls to “make nice.” We should be teaching them to “make trouble.”

Could This New Tech Device Replace Our Families?

You know that somebody, somewhere, is out there right now working on a way to simulate heartbeat patterns. Soon you’ll be able to fake your own heartbeat in order to lie better.

The Memory of a Great Love

Like a parachute, a heart can open fully; a person can, even after a long fall out of love, survive.

She's Just Hysterical: Laughter, Tears, Control and Gender

Do films like "The Hunger Game" trilogy, or the new film based on Cheryl Strayed' "Wild" or, for that matter, Disney's wildly popular "Frozen" illustrate that thing have changed in terms of the power held by center female figures?

Feminism Is a Girl's Best Friend: A Lesson for TIME

Some men are glad to die for love/ They delight in fighting duels./ But I prefer a man who seeks to undermine/ Patriarchy's oppressive rules./ A kiss on the hand/ May be quite continental,/ But feminism's a girl's best friend.

26 Mysteries of Life Explored and Explained

Why do brides buy their wedding gowns (which, one would imagine, that would wear only once) but grooms rent their tuxedos (which, one would imagine, they would have other occasions to wear--if only as a joke?

Boss Lady: Better or Worse Than Men?

Have you ever heard a man say: "Don't think of me as man; just think of me as your boss?" I haven't, but I'm still hearing a surprising number of women singing this refrain: "Don't think of me as a woman...." Is it because a recent Gallup Poll found that both women and men still prefer a male boss to a female boss?

Women and Facial Hair

Forget our chins. If women had tufts growing from our noses and ears the way guys do, men would bring exorcists to the house. They would hire professionals to drive the evil spirits from our bodies. And the ones doing it would be seen as optimists, because most men would move away and keep the shades down lest a hirsute babe walk by without warning.

Are Clingy Women Spookier Than Scary Men?

Are you clingy? Are you leech woman? Or are you just somebody who doesn't understand why "Titanic" and "the Notebook" give some guys nightmares?

Top 21 Funniest (and Smartest) Writers

There are times when you can either swallow despair or burst out laughing. Given a choice, I'd go with laughter. These 21 writers can help, especially since their works are complex, wise and unnerving even while they are funny, outrageous and irreverent.

Getting Married and Staying Married

A wedding transforms a relationship. Even couples that have lived together for years discover newness once they are officially married--and they're often surprised. They shouldn't be.

Do You Wish You Were Younger?

I don't wish I were thirty because I know too well what thirty-year-olds are actually thinking. They are thinking “OH MY ACHING GOD I AM THIRTY AND WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY LIFE?” At least when you’re fifty, you know what you’re doing with your life, even if you don’t like it.

Get Away: Vacations Take You to Other Parts of Yourself

Home isn't only where you grew up; it isn't only where everybody knows you; it isn't only where you feel cozy. It's the confidence of knowing who you are: home is portable emotional and spiritual property. You own it. The world can be your home--if you're willing to let it receive you.

Ten Differences Between (Most) Men and Women

1. Men care way too little about what women say. Women care way too much about what men say--except when those men are in positions of actual power, such as are held by politicians or members of the clergy, who are making decisions and choices that will affect the deepest recesses and corners of our most intimate lives without actually, like, consulting us.

Why Friends Are (Sometimes) Better Than Relatives

A good friend lets you know that you’re not playing to an empty house. Even if she lives hundreds or thousands of miles away—of even if she’s no longer in your life—she’s cheering so loudly and with such affection that you can hear her voice in your heart.